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When: Every Monday – 3 pm Hawaii – 5 pm Alaska – 6 pm Pacific – 7 pm Mountain – 8 pm Central – 9 pm Eastern

Every week on Monday – Learn and grow with us as we restore our lawful government with Peace and Love

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You now have 4 Options to join the Webinar:

Option 1: Browser, Mobile Device or Phone Via WebEx

This is the primary broadcast vehicle for the webinar provided by the Federation.

WebEx will request your name and email address.

To open this connection, please click on the link below or paste the below link into your browser.

IMPORTANT: Changes to our WebEx Connecting Process

WebEx has recently changed the way to connect to a webinar. It requires you to create an Account with your email + preferred password (save it!) the first time you use this new service. On consequent weeks, just login again using the same credentials and your profile should be restored!

Please come in early to create your account for the first time so you do not miss the start of the Webinar.

We recommend the Chrome browser for a better experience with WebEx. We also recommend that you load in the WebEx browser extension along with the small local WebEx application that will make your experience much more effective by saving settings such as Audio devices from week to week. It is not required to use this application, but its just more convenient for regular participants.

If the Event site asks you for a password, the password is:  anna

Event number (access code): 2596 960 6978

Event password: anna

Please note: This link changes every week so it should not be saved for reuse.

Application: For those of you that want to use the full Application, there is a free WebEx App available for all systems (Windows, MAC, and mobile devices iOS and Android).

Download WebEx Link is at:


Option 2:  Via Mobile Device or Phone via WebEx

From a mobile device

+1-415-655-0001,,25980930275#2662# US Toll

Some mobile devices may ask attendees to enter a numeric password = 2662

Event number (access code): 2596 960 6978

Event password: anna

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Option 3/4: Browser via the Georgia’s Assembly Private Server.

These are direct private Broadcast Links provided and maintained courtesy of the Georgia Assembly.

These servers operate well, but occasionally do have glitches that can easily be resolved by switching to the WebEx connection above (Primary Option).

Enter one of the following links in your browser.

Please note: These Links NEVER change and so can be saved for reuse every week.

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