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Every week on Monday – Learn and grow with us as we restore our lawful government with Peace and Love

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Option 1: WebEx Connection

For today’s Webinar, please paste the below link into your browser (please note that this link changes every week) – then you have the option to download a very small temporary Application that will improve your experience by saving settings such as Audio devices from week to week – we recommend the Chrome browser for a better experience with WebEx.

If the Event site asks you for a password, the password is:  anna

Audio Conference Global Dial in Numbers 

+1-415-655-0001 US Toll

Event number (access code): 2599 001 1310

Event password: anna

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or SIP sip:[email protected]

You can also dial and enter your meeting number.

Event number (access code): 2599 001 1310

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Option 2: Direct Broadcast Link from our Private Server.

Enter the following link in your browser. Link NEVER changes and will be valid every week. This is, for now, an experimental setting – pardon any gaps or failures – but we are confident or server will work fine. Your feedback is appreciated for this new feature.

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