Transcripts for December 12, 2022

Blue Dot Banking / Value of things / Jurisdictions @ 0:20,
Health @ 1:21,
Banking @ 1:31,
Call for donations @ 2:03,
Granna Bites Videos @ 2:16
Ends @ 2:25

0 – Teri’s introduction

19 – Five feet of snow in Alaska! Anna has been reorganizing.

20 – Major misunderstanding about the Blue Dot Bank system by many people. and for more info.

25 – The USA is not a democracy. Still a shock to many who do not know what a democracy is. Territorial gov = military. Colonial gov = civilian. Time to “Just say NO”

30 – Blue Dot is a bilateral system, charted in an International Jurisdiction. More about Credit Unions. See links above. Reference to “It’s a Wonderful Life”. True Credit Unions compete with banks, which is why banks want to credit them. Members decide on usury rate, not subject to tax and shouldn’t be an issue in the States.

35 – County courts have no reach beyond their borders, neither do state courts or county credit unions. Federal bodies for citizens work in international jurisdictions.

38 – Federal CU’s replaced state CU’s but people (franchisees) lose out from getting any benefits. Local CU is effectively a private soil jurisdiction body.

43 – Credit Unions can exist for paying out pre-paid credit taken from people who were presumed to be corporations. No lawful conversion needed for this as it all happened in the International jurisdiction so may be better to remain commercial.

46 – All IOU’s are unpaid (debt) credit and are not money. Prepaid credit has already been paid for (‘on account’ as it were in the UK vernacular). We, the people, have a LOT of pre-paid credit.

50 – For every Federal Reserve Note printed the Americans are owed one ounce of silver. This is now being called in with the BIS.

55 – Money is just a representation of things that can be bought and allows things to be easily exchanged.

58 – Jacob and Esau and the birthright – and other articles. We create the value and decide the value of everything.

1:04 – Propane and every business. State owns the physical product, but business extracts it. They should ‘tread softly’ like native Americans.

1:15 – Value of a Walker (Zimmer Frame) is different to people of different ages. More examples of value. Pre-paid credit gives the assets or labour the same value as gold and vice versa.

1:19 – Many people hold money so fundamental that they can’t bring themselves to examine it.

1:22 – The brain hoarding sugar is possibly what causes dementia. Crystals coat the neurons of the brain, causing them to be brittle, due to dehydration through osmosis. Also causes cancer, diabetes and obesity.

1:27 – Check out Peggy Hall’s news and views about good health, especially current ‘issues’. Over one million excess deaths, many who ‘died suddenly’.

1:31 – Lawful Bank Charter has no ‘Cloak of Secrecy’. Uses Carriage accounting rather than Double Accrual. Must operate in the Public Law, so no financing for gun running, etc. Operating under the ‘prudent man’ standard. Have to be transparent about what is going on and why.

1:40 – Final showdown about who owns the assets and the issuing of certificates. Bank of International Settlements trustees are at the hard end of this . . Like giving multiple people title to a car.

1:46 – Lawful bank has no skin in the game of the criminal activity.

1:48 – We need a new currency, one that has intrinsic value. May be able to convert Federal Dollars in the future. The more people understand about money, the more they will be able to see the moral course.

1:52 – Constant attacks by agencies etc, trying to misrepresent TASA. People need to stay on the right side of their jurisdiction, who is whom, how the parties can both benefit and when to say no. The goal is a good economy for every country. More on attacks etc.

2:03 – Call for donations, as we are still fighting for the trustees to release the assets that were misused after 1941. In 1995, the baddies ask for a ten year extension. In 2005, they refused to come to the table. Now things have to be discovered through a cloak of secrecy.
That’s why donations are still needed. The dollar is being destroyed before our eyes. Dollar worth 2% of what it was in 1913. Going to be further devalued by 25% from its current value in the next two months. Spare what you can now as things are more crucial than ever.

2:16 – Anna catching up on Granna Bites which will be shorter than the first one More thanks to the Rat Watchers, growing in numbers all over the world.

2:22 – The only man worth a damn is the man who has commitment – John Adams

2:24 – Goodnight from Anna

2:25 – Goodnight from Teri – Ends.