Transcripts for December 19, 2022

Pope / Brits @ 0:30,
Law / Jurisdiction @ 0:54,
Health @ 1:16,
Charges on the Public Trust @ 49,
Granna Bites Videos @ 1:16,
January 6th ‘insurrection’ @ 1:16,
Roll call votes / Continental congress @ 1:34,
Gold Dollar Note @ 1:40,
Liquidation of companies and similar @ 1:51
Crises of faith @ 2:20,
Ends @ 2:40

0 – Teri’s introduction

31 – Hello from Anna – Teri asks about Article 24 and the secret Treaty of Verona signed by Pope and Brits to take over America. American peoples rights and Communist workers rights are closer than top down rule by popes or monarchs. America joining with Russia or China is the Crown / Vatican’s worst nightmare.

36 – British government are the worst of the lot, pretending to be America’s friend and dissing Russia and China. There are people all over the world who know more about American history than the American people. Russian’s have been allies since 1858 and are at odds with the US government over America. They prevented the British waging full scale war after the Civil War. British baddies are now moving to China as their young men are much cheaper mercenaries.

42 – American military now ‘waking up’ due to the efforts of Anna and others. Brits / Pope used the US as a pirate base. Lots of false flag activities used to encourage the populace to join into ‘wars’. FDR was working for the British and offered Americans as a sacrifice to the Pope. Sold Municipal citizens into Municipal slavery by his first speech. Territorials sold out by the Buck Act. Press ganging and the Draft are illegal and have always been so.

47 – Vietnam was a mercenary conflict too and it’s a hard wake up.

49 – Granna Bites about Title IV flag America has been occupied by its own forces since 1863 and they now charge the public trust $6000 per day as expenses for each soldier. Same charge for prisoners and $9000 per day for foster care!

52 – Cestui Qui Vie Act of 1666 has been used to establish a public interest in private property. If the owner is found alive the property must be returned unharmed. Parasites are fighting hard against land and soil, because as soon as this is established, they can no longer evade their obligations. Each court case is worth $25 000 to them.

54 – In Final Judgment and Civil Orders the CRIS system is mentioned with regard to judges and attorneys being paid by taking a cut of the fines. King’s law defines you as guilty when charged. . Pope owns ’Christian names’, Crown owns surname: .

58 – About Fed, IMF, UN old crooks vs new crooks. 1943 military took over the court American system. 1947 international BAR treaty. Municipal law is not published in the US for free, its cost is $1800. More on governments and flags and Granna Bites on YouTube. Navy is under Admiralty law. Merchant marine is under the estates, is a Commercial entity.

1:07 – Many good patriots argue as they don’t have the full picture, like Anna does.

1:13 – Mention fraud to a judge and if they don’t do something they are implicated too. Don’t be frightened to use the F(raud) word, irrespective of which court you are dragged into.

1:16 – Discussion about January 6th Capitol incident (wrongly called insurrection). Americans trespassed into another country, namely Washington D.C. Includes mention of Municipal Code that the ‘rioters’ are charged under. More on the status and rules of D.C. versus the States of America.

1:34 – Once the states are functioning properly, more can be addressed by forming a continental congress, but delegates must know the law and accept the responsibility of the role. More on this, roll call votes and the power of state assemblies, especially with regard to patented covid people.

1:40 – Another major roll call vote coming soon about the definition of an American Federation Gold Dollar, a new note with gold in it. This would be in addition to Silver Dollars. More on this. Silver is traditionally domestic, gold international.

1:47 – Inter State Commerce Clause – International / Inter State is interchangeable. Federal government can regulate Inter State commerce. Note, commerce is between two incorporated business entities. All relates to gold being used for international commerce and trade.

1:51 – Pope Francis did liquidate the corporations doing business as US Inc. and USA Inc. and more need to be done: Monsanto, Bayer, Blackrock, some banks too due to unlawful activities. Close to having established culpability of vax manufacturers in many countries. Some foreign ones may also be reachable. Don’t need to take out all companies. Once board members are prosecuted for their company crimes then things will change. Corporations just pass on the cost of any fines to their customers.

2:00 – Evil corporations and their leaders need to feel the full fury of the public law to stand as a warning for all time. Who is obligated to do this? Not the DOJ, as they are here to defend the corps, nor congress.

2:04 – NIH and CDC need to be liquidated, as do those who use land titles. Time to take up the swords of truth and kick the parasites out of America. Many ways to attack a corporation and they’re all legal.

2:07 – Let’s look at the Sherman anti-trust act and other options as a way of winning in 2023. Expose these people to the public view. We need to take action.

2:16 – Bank of International Settlements is supposed to sort out issues. They are next in line and the buck stops with them. All courts are on Anna’s side with regard to the money. Learn about the seven board members of the Dept of Federal Treasury in the BIS. Joint Chiefs and Chiefs of NATO are responsible for our safety and are not doing their job.

2:20 – Anna getting many calls from Christians waking up to the idea of Christmas being fake. And how could God let Covid happen? He gave us free will so we could be responsible for ourselves. God knows your intention. Christmas is about the birth of potential. Children are being betrayed by the adults in their lives.

Each child arrives with their mission and dreams and we need to help them achieve that. Clean the atmosphere, a better school system, alternative health options, etc., etc. Story about how we need to look after those close to us and see how we can help them.

2:40 Merry Christmas and Goodby from Anna and Teri – Ends