Transcripts for December 26, 2022

Rat Watch @ 0:14
Wizard of Oz @ 0:25
Anna’s recent notice of Fraud and Treason @ 0:40
Much about deliberate misidentification @ 0:57
Plug for Granna’s Bites Videos @ 1:26
Lords of the Admiralty responsible @ 1:37
Importance of Naval Agency and Distribution Act @ 1:45
Banking @ 1:51
Ends @ 2:19

0 – Teri’s introduction

11 – Hello from Anna. Good Christmases for both Anna and Teri. Anna currently iced in after four feet of snow.

14 – Rat watchers look out for the Republicans (and Democrats) that voted badly and use word of mouth to influence their elections. US elections rapidly becoming a one party system when it comes to which way senators vote, rather than what they say. Non awake voters never bother to check the voting records. The actual people in congress can be held accountable for their actions.

19 – Political parties have nothing to do with us. Both Democrats and Republicans started by Germans and Austrians in Wisconsin, then a frontier state, following a failed workers rebellion in their homelands in 1848. The party members need to be re-educated.

23 – Old adages are memes that are repeated without examination and taken as truths.

25 – Wizard of Oz (1909) as pre-cognitive story of Federal Reserve. Silver slippers changed to ruby in the film as silver was too close to the truth. Fractional reserve banking created an unpayable debt.

31 – Jurisdictions of law and their subsequent effects are a mystery to most.

32 – Sad tale about a veteran struggling to get care that is held up by bureaucracy and a lack of education due to the ‘government’ narrative.

35 – Governments always benefit from ‘war’. This is why governments get together to maintain ‘war’. Government, Military and Corporations are a closed loop that keep the people out as that’s how they make money.

40 – Take back power by putting pressure on corporations. Pope is responsible for those things (corporations) created by the Roman Curia, hence Anna’s recent notice

43 – Corporations claiming ownership of roads to fraudulently make them toll roads. Time to wake up, man up and boot up.

47 – Story about an IRS letter addressed to fraudulent MUNICIPAL CORPORATION using Anna’s name claim millions owed in taxes.

49 – Whom to inform about your status correction [if not using TASA, from what I understand]. Taxes have to be paid on these fraudulent trusts, as the trusts are liquidated.

51 – Explanation of CQV and taxes using Robinson Crusoe as an example.

54 – People (officers) to contact about Inland Piracy. Judge Advocate General (JAG) is responsible for tracking down these pirates.

57 – Much more about deliberate misidentification for fraud, false imprisonment, avoiding taxation, money laundering etc. etc.

1:22 – Washington DC supposed to be under the charge of the American Congress, not the territorial and municipal congresses. Supposed to be neutral ground. Could reasonably be returned to Maryland and Virginia from whence it was created.

1:26 – Plug for Granna’s Bites videos on YouTube about educating people about how stuff works. Living people seek peace, lifeless government corporations and others such as SERCO, UN, IRS etc seek ‘war’. Madness of British controlling US ARMY. Which US is operating under what contract? What? When? Where? Dodginess of non constitutional National Guard. Has no right to be operating in America. No provision for them in constitution. Only state militias allowed.

1:37 – Lords of the Admiralty are responsible for sorting out the mess. They need to be told again and again in no uncertain times. They are the employees. Realise who you are and your role. You are the employer. If you don’t report the crime you are complicit.

1:45 – When you mention the Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864, they sit up and take notice, because they then know, not just that you know what they are doing, but also how they are doing it. Much of the fraud is on the public record. See a copy of the Interdependence of the Governments of the United States.

1:48 – Not within the purview of average Americans to educate the courts, but we do have a necessity of setting the record straight about their false presumptions. When all this is settled there will still be magisterial, admiralty and other courts, so we need to remain respectful.

1:49 – Anna’s notice of fraud and treason lays out the situation with regard to the courts. Financial interest has to be examined.

1:51 – Our banks will be using prepaid credit and have to have their own monetary system. More on lawful banking, exercising land liens and real vs false credit unions. People don’t really understand credit, debt, money and especially pre-paid credit.

2:07 – Call for donations. We are now making sure they will not hurt us any more.

2:15 – This week’s Granna’s Bites will be about why governments profit from war.

2:18 – Goodnight from Anna

2:19 – Goodnight from Teri. Ends