Transcripts for December 5, 2022

Education, schooling, lifetime learning. @ 20,
Democracy vs Republican government @ 46,
Governmental parasites taking over China @ 53,
Corporate rule @ 1:04,
Just a few normal people can effect change @ 1:29,
Do not be a citizen (STIRRING ORATORY by Anna) @ 1:40,
Banking @ 2:03,
Call for donations @ 2:07,
Ends @ 2:16

0 – Teri’s introduction

15 – A four star crazy week. New Grannabites YouTube 10 minute video coming soon about jurisdiction. [Not uploaded as of December 8th]

20 – Severe weather over the last two weeks in Alaska. Schools failing to teach the skills of visualizing from the written word. Call for home schooling / non gov teachers. Anna is living proof of lifetime learning being possible and desirable. Children should learn to learn. History is deliberately the most boring subject in order to stop people being interested in it. TV programming is brain washing and time wasting.

29 – Lessons being taught are inappropriate. Parents need to change what is taught. Anna talking about her highly qualified Grandmother (75 years older than her) and her experiences of a one room schoolhouse. Older farmhands learning how to cypher (read) alongside five year old’s. Workgroups of all ages led by the most advanced student. Teaches people how to interact with all skill levels and ages.

37 – Schools started to change after the Civil War to single year classes to produce factory workers. Alarm bells should have rung with the name change to District Schools. College education has us paying for our own demise. Anna’s son didn’t go to college as he is self motivated.

43 – Good programs have already been established to enable lifetime learning, including Adult education classes. So much to learn about communication and your country’s history.

46 – Anna mentions a YT video that emphasizes that The USA is not a democracy (no link). 51% needed (of total) for a mandate in a democracy. Mandate never reached. Democracy is just a front for criminals.

53 – Anathema to a sane society. 40 years ago the parasites started to prepare to move to China in the Reagan administration. Most industry went to China / far east to benefit from slave labor aided by excess health and safety laws. Western industry has therefore been hollowed out. Anna was ostracized by pointing this out to friends and neighbors. People don’t want to know the truth and simply hope to be ignored by their government. If people don’t rule their own lives and country then some schemer, charlatan or other persons fool will.

1:01 – Anna’s family took 20 years for the penny to drop and to respect her and start questioning things for themselves.

1:04 – Act of 1871 was repealed in ‘74 and piecemealed out in ‘77. A red herring. Why should we even have the legal fictions of corporations, especially in government. We are now surrounded by a faceless, formless unreal world, that can only work through the deeds of the people. Corporations now rule over people, rather than vice versa. Politics is run by corporate donors. Corporations are the enemy.

1:10 – US gov sold out to China using American gold purloined by the Vatican, but President Xi is run by the Crown and Vatican. So the Chinese owe money to the Vatican, but the Vatican owe it to the Americans. But as the Vatican can be forgiven by the Pope, they can get away with anything. However possession by pirates does not change ownership.

1:15 – US Military is being undermined by China / Crown / Vatican. Xi thinks that the CCP can just walk into America without any problem. And if people don’t wake up then there will be problems. Free trade zones being used to stockpile military hardware for foreign troops to use on American soil and FEMA concentration camps have been built using American money.

1:19 – US preparing to invade Haiti using Canadian or Brazilian troops. But why? Famous for exotic diseases and UN is preparing to release 17 patented viruses to infect troops and spread them back home, via the open southern border so the Chinese won’t have to fight.

1:24 – Anna’s husband (Head of State) wrote to Chinese telling them that DC will be voted out of existence and thrown out. Real issue is from Ghent, London, DC, Rome so they will be acted against rather than the Chinese if this doesn’t get sorted. Militias can be raised.

1:29 – People think large numbers are needed in State Assemblies, but it just needs one representative to claim an estate. Our property claims are solid and claim everything from soil, land, sea, air including buildings, machinery animals and plants. Birth Certificate is a legal fiction. Something is rotten all over the world, with foreign interests stealing assets for many hundreds of years.

1:36 – Being an American is more precious than being anyone else, as everyone else is enslaved from birth and is obligated to serve their government. That’s why the Territorial Government wants people to agree to be citizens.

1:40 – If you try to claim BC bonds (which belong to the Pope), you are falling for their entrapment scheme. Do not be a Citizen you have an obligation to the King and Queen of the Netherlands, the Crown, Lord Mayor and Pope. STIRRING ORATORY HERE.

1:48 – You need to tell them things three times before they accept it. Also don’t allow them to address or mail you under a similar name. Make sure that they know that the entity addressed is not you otherwise they will attach that thing’s debts to you. E.g JOE X BLOGGS is a public transmitting utility.

1:52 – If great nations like America and China can be duped, it needs to be brought forward so that the world knows who is at the bottom of the dog-pile.

1:54 – No accounting made to the principals and interest. Let all countries know and let the joint chiefs of staff know. Demand the arrest of Fauci. Tell them the CDC and NIH is illegal. We own the land grant and we own the patent. What are you doing taking Title to it? The Military need to be taken to task, it’s all in the Treaties and other documents.

2:00 – In December there will be an attempt to tax down to $600. 87000 new IRS agents are deliberately badly informed and will be coming for you and your assets soon. They shouldn’t even be outside of DC. Not everyone is a Citizen.

2:03 – Banking issues caused by DOJ operatives and issues out of the Philippines. Major push to create more delays and problem but we have ploughed right through them. This week producing all the proof for one trust with the rest to follow. Then the American position cannot be denied. Remember the Australian [bankruptcy] issue was dealt with and Gold Eagle coinage is being approved in the form of laminated/encapsulated gold in notes down to the value of a dollar. Value may vary with price of gold and so price of bread may see fluctuations until things stabilise.

2:07 – Still need donations, doing so much with so little. This is Rat watch time. Keep the diplomatic lines open. There is no other self governing option. You are the government. Take your time at the wheel.

2:14 – Remember to go to your happy places folks.

2:15 – A productive week is guaranteed. Goodnight from Anna.

2:16 – Goodnight from Teri – Ends.