Transcripts for January 16, 2023

Anna @ 0:14
0:14 – Anna lost 12 fully vaccinated friends this week
0:33 – Conflict between the military and CIA
0:46 – Vax info
1:03 – Call to all BAR members
1:28 – Railroad Barons
1:30 – Pinkerton Law
1:45 – Brunson Brothers case
1:54 – Act of 1871. Karen Hudes
1:58 – New Granna’s Bites on YouTube
2:01 – More about 1871
2:17 – Banking News.
Ends @ 2:27

0 – Teri’s introduction

14 – Anna lost 12 fully vaccinated friends this week, between 12 and 77 – died suddenly. Unelected people in politics and business have been putting health policies forward that the National Security Council came up with. Week prior was six deaths, 2 weeks prior was four.
The twelve year old was simply practicing piano.

22 – Part of a global scheme, that Knights of the Garter and others (UN, WHO etc.) have been orchestrating previously in hundreds of conflicts and thousands of assassinations and blackmail such as WWI, WWII. All corporate, not geographical. Two service providers have fooled the American people since the Civil War. CIA and affiliates have ‘played games’ in the name of the American public. Employees murdering their employers as they owe them too much money to ever pay back.

29 – Similar to what happened to the Jews in WWII. Kill priority creditors and get their heirs to pay the debts owed. No moral code or political spectrum. So unelected corporatists run the country.

33 – Currently a conflict between the military and the CIA. FBI have been spying on the general populace for their benefit. Seven million pages on Anna alone. Everything, yes EVERYTHING from bank and medical records, to computer browsing history, emails. Credit cards are nothing but a way of checking on our purchases. All to control us like a flock of sheep.

45 – Find ways to object and avoid about this before the full effect of the genocide campaign can be released.

46 – People die of a variety of things as the immune system is worn out and the nervous system is attacked by self generated spike protein. Similar to GMO plants producing pesticides. People’s cells are producing neurotoxins. 10% received placebo.

51 – Some vax’s have middle eastern sheep’s heartworm parasite, which is why Ivermectin is effective.

53 – Obama giddy with joy about the data from vaccines.

54 – Legal language definers have altered the definitions of English to control and confuse people. Eg human, child, (e)state, person etc. etc.

1:00 – Government favours corporations and charges the American people for the governmental services it provides across the world to countries it invaded or bought into. These include defense, infrastructure and even money, which is why the ‘dollar’ is the world currency. Now moving into China, framing Russia as the bad guy. All illegal.

1:03 – Call to all BAR members on both sides of the bench, solicitors, lawyers, attorneys, judges to get off their duffs and do something to protect the law, protect the innocent and whole countries. You will soon become the whipping boys and be blamed for all of this.

1:04 – Time for everybody who ever went to law school to listen up as this is coming to your doorstep. You have not prosecuted thes corporations, just sat by and made money from the public as the corporations carried on their illegal activities. Most are unaware of the role that they have played, nor are they unaware of the retribution that is likely to be meted out.

1:06 – All those doctors, nurses, hospital heads who ignored the info are guilty.

1:07 – A license is on necessary to operate within a corporate structure, allowing people to do something that other members of the corporation cannot do. All doctors and every licensed business needs to wake up and realize a license simply allows things to be sold to the government corporation’s employees and dependents. It is not needed to sell things to men and women. Action needs to be taken. This needs to be a hot topic in Congress.

1:12 – People and those in the government and their corporations need to realize the difference between the public and government employees and also that the employees are not 24 hour servants. All stems from Civil War.

1:14 – Holy Roman Empire – United States Inc, Municipal, run from Washington, DC vs United States of America Inc. – Britannia (Goddess of the Sea) Territorial, run from District of Columbia.

1:19 – The responsible people of the planet need to speak up for the 70% or more of the people who have no economic / political voice.

1:21 – CIA have kidnapped and tortured General David H. Burger, which will result in a military backlash against the CIA. Congress will be made increasingly aware of the misapplication of the FBI.

1:22 – Write to the congressional delegation representing the Territorial and Municipal government and tell them that as a Texan, Californian etc. that your privacy has been breached.

1:24 – Talk about the mirroring of Territorial and Municipal corporations Dept of Defense, DOD etc. started in the 1880s.

1:28 – Railroad Barons got Congress to pass Right of Eminent Domain legislation. This put the land in control of the railways and as such was neither public nor private, but a utility Right o’ way? These thousands of acres, up to a mile wide, along the tracks have been used as an asset to borrow money against. Same done with gas, electric and water.

1:30 – Similarly the Pinkerton Law allows the police to be hired to protect private assets in the name of the public. Gangs of outlaws were impacting federal payrolls carried on trains.
Enabled foreign people to come into police forces. Sheriff Mack vs US Inc gave police the right to decide whether to enforce the public law as well as their corporate law. Obvious conflict of interest as the corporation pays his wages. Sheriff Mack still doesn’t understand why.

1:40 – Private Municipal and Territorial Congress still have a duty to the American Government. West Virginia vs EPA and Shelby vs Norton. Americans are owed justice, Federales aren’t.

1:43 the term American State National has different legal and lawful meanings. Legal is about Federal Citizens obeying Federal Codes. Lawful State National takes nationality from the State and obey ‘do no harm’ law.

1:45 – Brunson Brothers case failed but the ones who should be taken to task are the Pope, City of London and British Monarch. The Supreme Court could never offer a ruling, no matter which jurisdiction they were working in. The judicial offices oath changed in 1991 so that they do not have to be agreeable to the constitution, so they are now under the administration of the congress rather than the constitution. See line 902 Section 8 IMF benefits Pope’s Municipal US, Federal Reserve benefits Crown’s Territorial USofA. All get their cut of the outcome.

1:54 – Act of 1871. Karen Hudes (RIP) was a Territorial stooge who maintained debts were owed to the Crown from the Civil War. All were paid by Andrew Jackson in gold in the 1830’s. The Territorial government are the ones with the debt as the Queen and the British Government have been siphoning off all of the profits of that corporation, leaving it with astronomical debt for war reparations and other items.

1:58 – New Granna’s Bites on YouTube to sort out the confusion of the six different ‘United States’ that existed in different times and jurisdictions. 4 Unincorporated and 2 Incorporated. Same for ‘United States of America’, Confederacy / Confederate, ‘Unions’

2:01 – More about 1871, Karen Hudes and a ‘deceptive’ 1868 second ‘constitution’ which was actually a corporate charter. A constitution is a debt agreement where one entity agrees to pay another for some service rendered. This publicly released ‘constitution in the form of a broadsheet was deceitful in its intent to transfer an agreement into a different British controlled (probably admiralty?) jurisdiction. It played upon similar names and content to the original Territorial constitution. A title of nobility amendment was added in 1890. People in government knew of the deception.

2:09 – More promotion for Granna Bites. (not up yet) British Territorial State of State organizations usurped American State of State organizations which had been rolled into trust due to the civil war. The British then started managing the state trust assets too.

2:14 – The Great Fraud is still a crime even after 160 years and because Law has not been enforced for that long, corporate officers from attorneys all the way back up to the Lord Mayor of London, laugh at any attempts to enforce it. But they need to wake up as they are going to be blamed. If they don’t uphold the law they will effectively be redundant and out of a job in the future.

2:16 – As BAR members are all foreign, the only thing between them and deportation is the Residency Act of 1790

2:17 – Banking News. Hoard of an ancient gold, of unknown and indeterminable ownership, between 7500 and 27 000 years old found in the Philippines. General consensus is it will be used as a no strings attached gift to everyone on earth, so those who are economically disadvantaged across the globe will be able to join in. Hopefully the beginning of a new world economy.

2:24 – Call for Donations.

2:26 – Goodnight from Anna

2:27 – Goodnight from Teri. Ends