Transcripts for January 2, 2023

Bankers on holiday until January 16th @ 0:16
New trusts found @ 0:19
Timeline ends in eight years @ 0:22
Kinesiology and healing @ 0:34
Effects of drugs on ability to reason @ 1:08
Free Trade Zone issues @ 1:23
Another vaccine smoking gun @ 1:29
Letters of complaint @ 1:51
US Gov running out of money @ 2:19
Minnesota 220 Ruling @ 2:19
Ends @ 2:33

0 – Teri’s introduction

16 – Anna is doing okay. Bankers likely not back in their offices until Jan 16th.

19 – Ancient Greek and Roman leaders were high on drugs.

Four more trusts found, including an insurance trust much larger than that of St Germain. Hard study will lead to these trusts being taken over in the next two weeks.

22 – Explanation of time being a spiral and we’re coming to the middle, leading to distortions and unexplained phenomena often called the Mandela Effect e.g. Diagon Alley in Harry Potter and Brigadoon

30 – Likely to come to a conclusion in about eight years time, during which time we need to move on Our bodies renew every seven years, but we can reset the body to an earlier version

34 – Kinesiology is a way of resetting the body. We can talk to the body to heal. Anna leading clearing and cleansing classes through January, starting with

38 – Ask spirit guides for help to heal. Nothing is hidden, but ‘Ask, seek and knock’. Use emotion and especially love to heal as emotions carry a lot more energy. Much grief is eating away at people, especially with regard to jab deaths. Blessings coming into the world all the time so just recognize yours. Don’t grab everything, just take what is right for you and do what is right for you. Create your own shield to distance yourself from media propaganda.

1:08 – We need a backlash from consumerism that started with the widespread use of cannabis in the 1970’s, the THC of which supports a thinking pattern that leads to relativism as opposed to absolutism. Thus we lose sight of true and false and good and evil. Words are redefined for convenience.

1:16 – Snake venom (neurotoxin) cults killed off the leadership of ancient Greece and Rome, England in the 1700 and is ruining the US leadership today. The money raised from snake venom drugs has funded the Vatican ‘snake hall’ and the cobra venom in the vaccines is an extension of this well hidden secret. So it isn’t just Adrenochrome that the elites are taking, but all these things are driving them mad. Spike proteins are snake proteins. Luciferase is the Firefly light producing protein and makes a barrier between human and snake protein.

1:23 – Free trade zones have thousands of Chinese workers and Chinese factories producing weapons on American soil.

1:26 – Congress exempt their families from taking the vaccine. 5000 Americans die and 2500 are maimed every day by the vaccine, leading to a breakdown of infrastructure.

1:29 – BAR and Medical personnel are uniformed militia of the Territorial Government (Title 37 and 11) civilian soldiery. Hospitals and doctors were getting enormous kickbacks via insurance trust covered countermeasures, which stipulated particular protocols for any problems hence why no Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were given, but rather ventilators and Remdesivir. People also received deliberately infected PCR tests. Rubbery cadaver blood is a combination of Mercury and Alumin(i)um poisoning. People pay corporations for their own demise.

1:40 – Corporations first came to be in the 1100’s by the Roman Curia. The Pontiff has the responsibility to destroy any corporation carrying out unlawful operations. SERCO needs to be ended. They have been abusing trust law and bankruptcy as people end up paying for bankruptcy. Living men are at war with fictions. More on this.

1:52 – Turning point for vaccine manufacture was a hold harmless directive from US Congress relative to big pharma in 1986.

1:54 – American Congress needs to get booted up. Anna has had an awful week with patriots not agreeing

1:57 – Insurance trust is a multi national, multi jurisdictional issue also including public / private mix up, but public law is not functioning as we the people have to tell everyone what to do and figure out the history. All crime is now commercial in nature and life is now reduced to being a commodity.

2:06 – Send letters of complaint / concern to the Territorial Congress from Post Masters rather than people. E.g Houston, Texas Unincorporated or Boise, Idaho Unincorporated this indicates that it is from the Land and Soil Jurisdiction.

2:07 – US Gov is running out of money as Ukraine is no longer open for business and China decided against being their sock puppet.

2:08 – Ministerial office of the Pope is now vacant due to Benedict’s death. When Francis replaced him he retained the Sacred office but left secular offices with Francis. Jesuit must take his orders from the Pope so theoretically Francis can’t be Pope. Pontifical office was dissolved in 2011. Who knows what will happen, maybe Francis will ‘suddenly die’ and be replaced by a Black Pope.

2:13 – Sane members of church and business are now rallying to the cause, but there is still confusion, which is being attended to via YouTube Granna’s Bites. More Rat Watchers coming on board.

2:22 – Call for donations. Not much bank progress expected until bankers return. Work going on to reclaim the infant decedent estates with regard to the Minnesota 220 ruling. Will be necessary for a few changes to declarations.

2:32 – Goodnight from Anna

2:33 – Anna’s books available to read on the TASA site. Goodnight from Teri – Ends