Transcripts for January 23, 2023

Anna @ 0:20
0:21 – RFK vaccine lawsuit success?
0:23 – Related legal and lawful court actions
1:03 – No more Hebrews?
1:15 – Biblical warnings
1:21 – Conflict between the military and CIA
1:40 – Fraud of all frauds
1:43 – Congressmen beginning to ask questions
1:50 – Transylvania and Tennessee!
2:05 – Get Educated
2:15 – Learn the truth to outgun your enemies.
Ends @ 2:24

0 – Teri’s introduction

20 – Both Anna and James have been busy.

21 – General Burgher going to be okay. RFK Jr’s Children’s Health Defense Fund has apparently won its lawsuit that the vaccine isn’t a vaccine and therefore removes immunity from prosecution and offers a prima facie case for fraud.

23 – Info about civil / criminal, legal / lawful standing and Vatican Chancery claims.

32 – Vaccine was an enormous murder for profit scheme and people will be prosecuted with the full strength of the law.

34 – Hospitals made $ millions and records were purposely skewed by redefinitions of many causes of death as C-19.

36 – Problem started with Nixon allowing hospitals to be for profit. AMA was on the take.

44 – Discussion of funding for the legal battles for RFK and

47 – Military involvement still inexact but definite.

48 – SARS was inspiration for ‘vaccine’ payload capsule.

53 – Vatican claim is in public record

58 – When lawful action comes in then corporations can be dissolved.

1:02 – Patent office needs to be changed as it is full of BAR attorneys, who have helped to pillage the whole world. Attorneys are just the modern version of the Roman Priests of Galli / Cybele, (Magan Mater) the tax collectors from the second century BC.

1:06 – No more Hebrews left according to Michael McKibben. All ‘Israelites’ are now Canaanites. Who believed in blood sacrifice and astrotheology. This is why Abraham was fleeing from Ur. What we are facing is Canaanites, who have to tell the truth, and reveal themselves. See Olympic ceremonies.

1:15 – We have been warned against many things over many ages and need to take better notice and think for ourselves. This is a challenge at first as there is no-one to tell you what to do in a self governing world. They make themselves and us dependent on their leaders.

1:20 – WEF in Davos was badly attended as things are getting hotter

1:21 – Military vs Municipal conflict, but all owned by the Pope.

1:25 – Federal Reserve is closing the building, removing the plaques and vacating. IMF is out of bounds. Take cash out and put it in your Piggy Bank. Gov corporations are bankrupt. Book-keeping hasn’t been honest. They are being charged $1billion for each excess death, just been billed $232trillion for December 2022. {figures might be wrong}.

1:31 – Military vs Municipal isn’t going to end here. ‘National Guard’ is also up for discussion.

1:40 – All US courts administering the British Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864, or, on the Commercial side, the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 as trustees. It’s a massive sting, the fraud of all frauds developed over 2000 years.

1:43 – No need for Federal government to ‘run’ services or protect the public good. We should be involved in a massive letter writing campaigns. These are why congressmen are now speaking out.

1:50 – Teri mentions . Is there an update? Yes, he’s in Tennessee doing who knows what? History of settling of America and mainly British settlement of Tennessee, Kentucky, lesser to Missouri and Kansas. Belcher ‘means something’ in Tennessee. Tales of ancient Transylvania and more as it relates to today’s America.

2:05 – Freedom relies on a well educated population, which can think critically.

2:08 – ‘Where’s the law’ (as opposed to the statute / administrative code / ordinance) is your question, if you end up in their court. More on how to answer their paperwork serving.

2:15 – Learn the truth to outgun your enemies. Who are the US trustees??? Why aren’t bills of exchange accepted as cash??? They should be used to pay off public debt such as mortgages. Call for donations.

2:23 – Goodnight from Anna

2:24 – Goodnight from Teri. Ends.