Transcripts for January 9, 2023

Starts @ 0:16
Whole episode about the current deliberate genocide with a 1 in 40 000 chance of survival of more than seven years for those who have been injected
Ends @ 2:41

0 – Teri’s introduction

16 – Another busy week. A fiery lecture by Anna. Alarming power grab by WHO, because they presume everyone is their employee. NYC gave NYC inc power to business and they allowed the UN to set up shop there. We need to be harder headed than they are. No-one in US needs to go to their courts unless engaged in Firearms, Tobacco or Alcohol transportation. See Don’t get drawn in as you are pre judged as a slave and are guilty by definition see 14th Amendment. Whom to notify. Etc. Let them know, we know they have no authority. No word about health in any Constitution.

31 – Anna has fired the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We need to stand up and write saying, you don’t work for us any more. Mainly it is those in London and the Roman Catholic Church who need to be told. Act of residency of DC being rescinded. This is your time people. Secure the southern border. You are the employers and these people are two sets of mercenaries warring against us and themselves.

40 – When the Americans wake up they will demand hangings, but it is the American people who are enabling all of this. It is the people who need to wake up.

43 – For No Trespassing signs to be taken notice of there has to be an Address and phone number for them to contact.

44 – There is no savior coming. The military is not coming to help you. Would they have sat on their asses through Covid. 7500 people per day being killed and maimed every day using your money. Imagine a world without them, a planet of peace.

53 – Refuse all taxes. These people are beyond insane. If you have taken the venom you have nothing to lose by taking control. Find every means to take down corporations. The only chance for being saved is a regime change, which will allow antidotes to possibly be administered.

1:01 – What has come to light in the last week is sickening to the core. Genocide arranged over thirty years by the Wellcome Foundation, The Pilgrims Society and the BAR Association. They all need to be dealt with. Worldwide.

1:11 – How to practice visualization to remove the power mongers and petty fools.

1:20 – No provision for emergency powers for the government corporations. All governments deserve to die. Washington DC needs to be razed to the ground.

1:23 – Entirety of Elizabeth II’s reign has been a lie.

1:25 – January 6th was not insurrection, people tearing down Washington would be insurrection.

1:28 – Smash anyone in the face who tells you what to do with your health.

1:30 – Control the consciousness to make your desired future.

1:35 – The satanic irony is that you’ll go back to the people that killed you for help when your immune system gives up, so making them even richer

1:38 – The evidence of it is so overwhelming that the perpetrators should have no trial, just the death sentence.

1:40 – ⅔ of the people around you will be dead in seven years.

1:42 – Call down God’s wrath on them like in Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark, for they deserve it. They applied it with equanimity to young and old, rich and poor.

1:47 – We get to decide on the final solution. We need to take action and tell everyone that the National Security Council and the Department of Defense are at the root of it all with malice aforethought.

1:51 – No excuses, all done for corporate profit.

1:53 – No currently known way to stop it. But there are cheap drugs that may delay and alleviate things.

1:55 – All done by a global Nazi plot.

1:57 – Swedish government know that Biden and Netenyahu were responsible for Nordstream as an attempt to start a conflict between Russia and Europe, but are too scared to come forward. Lots of sea life also being killed in Baltic and North Sea.

2:00 – We have been occupied by the British Raj. Who now claim they own us and will only let us live out our lives by their say so.

2:04 – Many will experience Shock, then Anger and then very strong Denial and Anger at the messenger.

2:07 – Once you have come to terms you need ice cold determination to set things right and use whatever life you have left to make it count. Tell your police, school and medical administrators and religious ministers.

2:10 – LGBQT was promoted due to the desire to depopulate, there is no respect for such people by the parasites.

2:12 – There are people in high places who were set to profit from their communities.

2:14 – Companies must realize they’ve killed their customer base.

2:16 – Anyone who works for any government needs to quit. Boycott hospitals. Bar association members tear up your cards. Doctors too. Send resignations before people come around for you. This will be addressed as crime and if you continue to have any attachment to them, you will be seen as complicit.

2:20 – Tell the government the only things they can control is Firearms, Alcohol and Tobacco in interstate commerce, if they say you can’t write prescriptions. Leave the public bodies. Have your own stock of painkillers. Start your own practice.

2:23 – You are going to have to start making big choices as a board member, or owner, of a corporation or as a member of a church or any professional. IT’S REAL FOLKS.

2:25 – Those with respect for life will join assemblies and form courts and hold them accountable. Military will also be tried. Those found guilty will be hanged or shot.

2:27 – As soon as your broken heart is sorted join your assembly. Tell everyone that all bureaucrats are responsible. It’s now the sane versus the insane.

2:29 – They think we will all continue to believe their newspapers and television news as our friends and relatives die around us.
2:30 – As of January 9th the WHO has received notice that Biden is not our President but is operating in breach of trust as is the WHO, plus World Bank etc.

2:32 – Now we know what we need to do, just a matter of doing it. Thanks to all that are here now and who will come to follow.

2:35 – Donations still needed. Swarm to your assemblies, build your jury pools.

2:36 – Focus on a lovely world for the future and a giant energy wave sweeping the parasites away.

2:39 – Accept the grief process and work to bringing these people to justice.

2:40 – Goodnight from Anna.

2:41 – Goodnight from Teri – Ends.