Transcripts for October 10, 2022

Anna very positive.
Dollar now asset backed @ 16,
Truth and lies @ 40,
Foundation of America @ 1:29,
More of the miracle @ 1:48,
Goodnight @ 2:15

8 – It’s been a rough week, hence the lack of articles.

9 – Snow has arrived, but no hard frost, which is currently two weeks late. Chat about life in Alaska.

16 – No plan for military/police to rescue people from natural disasters, but this is changing. US Dollar now asset backed by gold. No gross devaluation. No bail in. No long term loss of Dollar in world market.

18 – Accomplished by just one man who went through hell for an entire year, who may come forward in the future.

20 – The baddies will sadly not suffer, but then neither will ‘Joe Average’. A compromise was reached.

21 – Commodity rigging will be reduced. There may be energy challenges though until alternative sources come forward. Discussion about oil.

28 – Fortunate collaboration has brought forward the new asset backed system. We can all make a difference as individuals and invest in the natural gifts that people have. We need to think in terms of expanding villages, local, regional, national, global.

40 – The Philippines and gold. Radioactively contaminated gold leading to deaths

47 – Connection to nature and to each other leading on from those deaths. Leads to a long discussion about truth. Connections in truth without lies. Governmental lies cause others to persecute their fellow men. All IRS lies related to alcohol, tobacco or firearms. Assemblies need to be welcoming and honest. Imagination only to be used for good purposes, not bad.

Good people will come together and change the world without fighting. What is true is good and what is good is true. How do we make life more important than gold? We can only be enriched by the elephant of truth.

1:29 – America is an experiment in self governance formed by a breakaway group of brilliant minds. Those who have profited from monarchies don’t want to give them up and have worked to undermine the experiment, but they have failed.

The real leaders have always been in the background and remain there, so we do not look up to them, but rather develop ourselves and help others. Your desire to self govern will change the world.

1:48 – A miracle has happened this last week. There will be no boom and bust. The real America has come back on stage.

1:56 – Amazing information will soon be forthcoming about the founding of America.

2:01 – Banking efforts have both come to fruition. The fun is just beginning.

2:04 – There will be an adjustment in the housing market due to values having been deliberately inflated to increase the value of the King’s estate. More on the consequences.

2:10 – Donations still needed in the short term.

2:15 – Goodnight from Anna.