Transcripts for October 17, 2022

Another positive week for Anna.
Lots of stuff about unlawful conversion to legal entities using versions of names and titles and what can be done @ 12,
How assets have been used to bail out Australia and implications thereof @ 1:54,
Crude and refined oil vs hemp and implications thereof @ 2:07,
Gold and silver coinage coming in 3-6 months @ 2:25,
Call for donations @2:35,
Goodnight @ 2:55

6 – Anna is busy preparing for winter, some snow, but not settling.

9 – More for others to fear in other countries than in America. Public Municipal Trusts, named after people, enable a giant slush fund as generation skipping trust.

12 – Manipulation of Styles and Glosses. Chicago Manual Styles – ALL CAPS is in American Sign Language (ASL) – Another version of which is Parse Syntax as ‘copyrighted’ by David Wynn Miller and Russell Gould. Only three elements have to be changed for the language to be copyrightable. Complicated discussion about the rules of conventions of ASL

20 – Black’s Law dictionary 6th edition – Dog Latin – Latin put together with an English grammatical system. Gobbledegook. Nature of the thing is indicated by the Style. Three names in all FIRST MIDDLE LAST is a public estate trust. Two names and a middle letter (not an initial as it isn’t an initialization) FIRST M LAST is a derivative of the Public Estate Trust and the realm of Special Purpose Vehicles. More on this, bears listening to carefully.

28 – Any court that fails to use a Christian name in Upper / lower case for plaintiff and defendant cannot gain jurisdiction

32 – All caps name is an Infant Decedent Estate and a non specific person.

34 – Specific court cases relating to NAME issues. More on this and unlawful conversion between the international jurisdictions of the land and sea. Need to bring forward the recorded name. Protection under the Lanham Act for unregistered copyrights and trademarks. Memorandum on this to be posted.

57 – TAXPAYER – corporation engaged in collecting and returning taxes owed to the Municipal government, while ‘Taxpayer’ is a warrant officer in the British Merchant Marine service, charged with collecting taxes and receipts and shipping them back to His Majesty.

1:04 – District court in D.C. is the only place where the interface between the American government and the US government exists. [Might this be the equivalent to the Old Bailey in the UK?] More about imaginary ships, corporations and persons. All caps italicised is used to identify ships.

1:08 – Deliberately misidentifying is a Crime of State is highest level of crime in international jurisdiction – carries up to capital punishment.

1:10 – Exemption and insurance had to be provided for Americans

1:12 – Use negative averment rather than positive affidavit, the burden of proof then rests with them. States burden of proof that I am not standing in the land and soil jurisdiction and other things. Birth Certificate is evidence of illegal conversion. Infant decedent estates are created for those who have waived their rights to their estate. If you didn’t object to unlawful conversion they say you are in agreement.

1:23 – Government has to be your trustee on the High Seas or when involved in commerce. The Constitution is the implementation of the treaties that ended the revolutionary war and if they breach these treaties they are serious crimes. They claim that they have a declaration of war, but they have never had the authority to declare war. More on unlawful conversion.

1:40 – People need to join the assemblies to make the case for Land and Soil law and exercise the constitutions to get stronger. This is happening more and more. How the fraud was started with titles, describing chattels and mortgaging the land. Description of how this is done, but will not include a metes and bounds cadastral survey. If you don’t publish the land grant or patent having paid for some land, they presume you are a tenant rather than a landlord.

1:51 – Masterline forms of credit, published in their records – this info published in declaration of flag document. China is only buying up titles, not the actual land. Any mortgage is the state’s mortgage not yours.

1:54 – American physical assets have been accepted to redeem 1.2 trillion dollars worth of credit and prevent financial meltdown. This shows that there is a land and soil power in America. Dollar will get stronger and stronger. The government can now borrow 12 trillion dollars. Once debt has been bought the government is indebted to its creditor, namely the land and soil states.

2:02 – TASA (The lawful United States of America) bought Australia’s debt using dollars and prevented the bankruptcy of Australia and a domino effect.

2:07 – Gold Eagle coinage to be issued as international money and Silver as international national money in the form of coins and certificates. Discussion on crude and refined oil and hemp, which can be used to make oil and other products.

2:25 – Coinage contracts being sorted, but 3-6 months away from issuing. Bullion bank to be established in each state. Texas has its own state of state bullion bank for international trade.

2:27 – Brits (and others) still trying to commodity rig using enormous slush funds to devalue currencies. Americans were deliberately being priced out of the global market.

2:34 – Credit bubble needs to be brought back into the realm of sensibility.

2:35 – Donations still needed, even though the inheritance is coming. The parasites are worried that any assets that are spendable will be used to come after them, hence they are making it difficult. A challenge to move out of the money trap.

2:47 – Point of order, you do not have to join the assembly and never need to serve the government, but you can still be an American. You can declare, record and publish your political status as an American and leave it at that, but the more that step up ,the better things will be.

2:52 – More about negative averment and the Lanham Act

2:55 – Goodnight from Anna