Transcripts for October 24, 2022

A strenuous week.
Talk about 3 major frauds, British persons, VATICAN PERSONS and income tax. What to do when receiving a summons / notice @ 51,
Anna’s emotional journey @ 2:06,
Banks in every state @ 2:32,
Struggles @ 2:43,
Ends @ 2:54

8 – Anna is feeling chilly as temperatures have dropped.

9 – Anna’s faithful cat of nearly 25 years has sadly passed away. More about the effects of felines on people.

19 – Moving on to her dogs

23 – TASA is now the only solvent part of the government in spite of many naysayers against the movement along the way, many of whom have then changed, having researched and proved Anna’s work right.

28 – Had to go back not just to the American civil war, but the English civil war, which was about the insurance industry with religion as a cover. Rome wanted an entry into the insurance market in England to carry out their bottomry bond scandal, fake ships rather than ‘persons’.

31 – Final judgement published in 2014 Article 24 on Anna’s site
. Both federal corps have undergone bankruptcy. Anna has protested bankruptcy protection. All claims about our person being responsible have been rebutted.

38 – Attempts to legalize unlawful regulations, by offering an unobtainable remedy, are not valid. Many whistleblowers coming forward. Things are looking up.

41 – Three separate groups had to fail, Bankers, Lawyers and Military, all trying to shift blame.

43 – Name fraud – ALL CAPS Municipal persons are UCC contract trusts. Already judged as guilty slaves, by 14th amendment of the British run US. All municipal citizens are felons, because by their laws, felons can be slaves. All legal proceedings are attempts to collect war reparations.

51 – LISTEN CAREFULLY Details about whom to return any summons to. Must be done as a first response. Let them know there is no UCC contract trust that you are responsible for. Return the service. Having a pension does not put you under their control. Let officials know, i.e. congress and others.

1:04 – Ignore their elections. Wake up to their lobbying groups at either extreme feeding off the people in the middle. Pigs with noses in the trough.

1:10 – Impossible to do this without lawyers making up all the legal definitions, or without the politicians making the rules or the bankers laundering the money.

1:11 – 1865 Peace due to ceasefire / armistice, but no peace treaty to end it. Andrew Johnson as a commercial company President of the US (following Lincoln’s assassination) bumade three public declarations of ‘peace on the land’ which had no effect to end the sea jurisdiction ‘war’. Lincoln’s original war declaration was phoney as it was using a power only available to congress.

1:15 – Annotated Trading with the Enemy Act once again enables misidentification for money fraud purposes. All remedies buried in reams of Gobbledygook.

1:17 – Maternity Act 1917 (Sheppard – Towner Act) allows for registration of births for corporate persons, but was then applied to deliberately misidentified Americans. Crime of State against the Geneva, Hague and every other Convention. Signs child over to British Territorial Admin. More on this scam. Remedy is mentioned in USC Title 12, 95a as a Reversionary Trust Right, but with no info as to how or where to claim it.

1:30 – FDR inaugural speech as (municipal) US President is when the Vatican got in on the act, only applies to municipal employees but has been enforced against everyone. Speech involves Sacrifices, Consecrations and Clearinghouse Certificates {Martin’s note – I can’t see the latter two in this transcript: but this may well not be the full speech}

1:33 – All certificates go to the DTCC (Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation) which was owned by an unincorporated company belonging to the Pope. More on the joint scam. Slavery is still legal in D.C. and has been excused by the Roman Curia as historically legal.

1:40 – Tax is voluntary. Remedy has to published as a public policy (corporate statement, not something a lawful government does). See public law 73-10 Chapter 48 usc 112, which says they will pay all your bills, but provides no form, responsible officer, department or address. More on this.

1:49 – How ‘money’ is inflated away. 1933 1 Dollar = 1oz Silver Certificate = Federal Reserve Note. See Joe’s hamburger articles. followed by more related articles. Zero sum transactions. National debt does not exist.

1:55 – 1980 Grace Commission Report and National debt. Not one dime of taxes was being used for infrastructure but rather to service the interest on the national debt. Evidence of a swindle since 1941 (all governments fully funded). If zero national debt then every penny paid into it is ‘odious debt’. Created by fraud with victims unaware of the contract and do not benefit from it.

2:00 – Political 1934 ‘A’ bonds (gold bearer bonds as in the type cancelled by Anna in a video earlier this year) were used to by political favours worldwide.

2:03 – Americans have been sold as mercenaries since 1913.

2:04 – Help put an end to this, talk to people, fly the peace flag. America has been at peace since 1840.

2:06 – Hypocrisy of Governmental service agencies. “Useless sacks of shit”. History of Anna’s emotional journey of enlightenment. Highlight – Anger grows until you want to “Kill the bastards”.

2:15 – Inflation is caused by paying interest on a debt that doesn’t exist and is being embezzled around the world. More on Anna’s journey.

2:26 – Emergence of political parties in Wisconsin in 1848 from German workers rebellion in 1848. Use of education / indoctrination to control conquered people, especially since 1976 with Jimmy Carter’s Federal dept of Education.

2:32 – Banking. Those who want to save their hides are working with Anna, bankers who don’t are leaving for other countries. Military are worried about being held for treason so are holding politicians’ feet in the fire.

2:33 – Banks are opening. Every State in the Union has an account in both international trade and commerce. Working on how the existing bank structure can be used to deliver to people. Americans own the majority of stock in most of the banks.

2:34 – “I am the fiduciary with a 69% interest in this bank…Let’s talk!”

2:35 – Don’t fret, just have a couple of weeks supplies. More on Anna’s journey and how to overcome fear. Do what you want to do. Do not be a slave. Think big.

2:43 – Call for donations as there are still struggles. E.g. US Mint has been shut down for six weeks. It can only produce 900 000 coins per week which is not really enough. Reason for shutdown – they don’t have enough silver. TASA has it though and gold.

2:45 – Only one government in America has the interests of the people at heart. It is difficult as many things haven’t been done for over a century. Running on fumes. Impassioned call for funds.

2:53 – Hopefully big announcements next week. Goodnight from Anna.

2:54 – Goodnight from Teri.