Transcripts for October 3, 2022

Anna generally positive.
Banking News @ 2:12,
Flags @ 9,
Incompetent Police law and Sheriff Mack @ 32,
Regulations and Covid @ 1:00,
David Straight’s Republic and voting @ 1:25,
Economy @ 1:42

8 – Anna a bit flustered and blustered by the weather.

9 – Lowe’s department stores now offering peace flags for sale, more about the civil flag and peace programs after the civil war.including the present day.

17 – Ukraine, the crime of Zelensky inviting criminals in and no public law. Hence the Russian move.

22 – More people coming forward to understand what TASA are doing.

24 – King Charles needs to explain why the Corporation is at war, when that is illegal

26 – Flag and seal protocol. Inverted stars on badges and flags signifying Satanism

31 – War promoted by death cult.

32 – Many deputies in California mentally incompetent when tested. Maximum IQ for police recruits.

34 – California was already on the way down when Anna left in the 80’s

36 – No public courts in America since 1965, but some now waking up. More on setting up courts.

39 – Proper juries can nullify any law.

42 – Progress on the 4 pillars in the States. People like the American way. Issues with Sheriff Mack and January 6th.Constitution guarantees

51 – Banks need to be aware that Americans are owed pass through services. Anna schooling a Law Professor. The only legal people who experienced the real law are over 80 years old. Everything in statute law is subject to man’s agreement.

1:00 Cannabis being deregulated as there is no authority to regulate it, or anything but alcohol, firearms and tobacco, Also trying to regulate healthcare, but that is not possible as there is no provision for it. More on regulation, covid and the issues with the good and bad sides of scientific discovery and ‘progress’. Hegelian dialect with a false solution. Diabolical and criminal.

1:25 – Around 1.2 million have signed up with David Straight’s method, but are not Americans, however they can still vote in the corporate elections, which have been rigged for 40 years. If you must vote, vote Republican, they help their cronies who help the economy, Democrat money goes to cronies that don’t help the economy. Obama gave $ printing presses and paper to China, Iran, Thailand and Indonesia.

1:35 – No hope for believable mid terms as all the old equipment is still being used.

1:36 – Vetting committees trying to preselect candidates in the assemblies with people trying to get on the vetting and oversight committees. Be careful…look for large conflicts of interest.

1:42 – So much going on re the economy and banking, hard to tell a timeline. Structural inflation being treated like supply based inflation by the Federal Reserve, thus this is increasing interest rates which only kills industry. Congress trying to impossibly spend their way out of inflation, so they can skim their take off the top.

1:46 – House prices falling as cost of mortgages is rising. A deliberate killing of the market.

1:51 – Energy market is being manipulated too as the USA is potentially energy independent and could be cheap. US still buying in energy due to the Roosevelt protocol. Biden has sold off loads of barrels to the Chinese. Selling less for more.

1:58 – Invest in real stuff that is tradeable, gold, silver, food – can’t be too careful. Silver is undervalued or gold is overvalued.

2:04 – Cash being used for drug deals. Talk about drugs and public school lies.Difficulties of home schooling. Team sports are prep for the military and no use for your future life. Huge amounts of money wasted on team sports.

2:12 – two tandem banking efforts ongoing. One to build a new system of international trade banks. The other to come to a negotiated peace with the existing banks. Both close to bearing fruit.
Better handle on Fed IMF tie up and European currencies next week.
Bank of England, Lloyds insurance and AIG cannot fail due to their relationships with their respective governments.
Most other insurance companies are likely to fail.
Self insurance (through savings) is an option.
Insurance must be held in a trust in Federal Codes.

2:21 – Funds running on vapours again, call for donations. People trying to stop us, we need to be unified.

2:27 – Search for your Peace Flags in all nations. More on banking next week.

2:29 – Goodnight from Anna – Ends