Transcripts for October 31, 2022

A tumultuous week.
Current financial shenanigans @ 16,
Master Patent for Covid uncovered @ 44,
Plans of Parasites to return to the land and ceremonial symbolism @ 48,
Legal remedy not provided @ 1:22,
Bit of banking news @ 1:40,
English Civil War and its relevance @ 1:49,
Call for donations @ 2:12,
Halloween / Samhain @ 2:27,
Goodnight from Anna @ 2:37,
Ends @ 2:39

0 – Teri’s TASA intro

16 – A tumultuous week with lots of flack from those without a leg to stand on. Powerful forces coming into play on the side of TASA. Lots of lies have been made by omission. Those coming on board have a good grasp of the whole story as they have been studying as to why they have been burned too, yet in a different way.

21 – Those coming on board are the benefactors of generational wealth so no worries about mortgages from the point of view of homeowning, yet they are real estate investors, who want to do the right thing.

23 – Story behind their realization of what has gone on.

27 – Bank of England tried to crash the stock market last Friday 28/10, to mirror 29/10/1929

31 – No mention in the mainstream media of the housing bubble going pop. 75% fewer mortgage applications due to more expensive interest rates. Thousands of realtors / mortgage executives being laid off, plus those in associated industries. Heavy hit for economy due to less construction work.

35 – Bank of America is likely to fold or the government will bail them out and tax people to sort it.

36 – Relevant stories from the depression.

39 – Inflation being driven by medical costs and disruption due to deaths.

41 – Tricky Dickey Nixon made medicine for profit rather than not for profit. Myocarditis up by 800% in the latest stats.

44 – Master Patent for Covid has emerged (see )

48 – Commonwealth Games now Common Wealth Games. Indicates an intended return to the land jurisdiction (One word = sea Two words = land ) Opening ceremony included a Tower of Babel and a Mechanical Bull, pulled by slaves. Exploding star showers new age girls with phallic crystals. At the end 71 national flags including Israel! dropped in front of the Bull.

56 – Broadcasting Worship of the Golden Calf. Broadcasting that the parasites will enslave and dupe women. Satan and Eve. 70 nations destroyed in the Bible. Israel was not really a nation in Anna’s point of view, as it was created by the British as an estate.

1:02 – Need to read the Bible as the baddies are using it as a script. 206 nations, 71 declaring that they are cutting free of the dollar and worshipping Mammon. One third 206/71 approx. (angels deserted God and were cast down)

1:05 – Credit card hacking on a national scale by the parasites.

1:09 – Odious debt created by fraud, not known of and of no benefit – can be individual or national.

1:11 – London Olympic ceremonies was telling us what was to come, every large games ceremony is the same. What was revealed at the World Military Games Ceremony? [If someone can watch this and let Anna know what is being predicted, please let her know]

1:16 – People from all over the world taking time to help read patents etc, and bringing things forward.

1:17 – Grace report, and Joe’s hamburger[see last week]. Interest payments on a non-existent debt. So where did all the money go???

1:22 – Law of the sea has to provide remedy for something which is unlawful in order to make it legal. The government fails to offer remedy so TASA have done their work to claim the reversionary trust rights. Time for Congress to provide remedy or go to jail for international crime.

1:30 – Those with a claim to be American need to be sorted.

1:31 – Public Law 73 10 – When coming off the gold standard in 1933 all debts were promised to be paid by the government, as people could no longer pay any bills.

1:34 – Z plates, collateralization, “motor vehicles” and legal remedy. If legal remedy doesn’t exist then it’s a crime by the government.

1:38 – Legalization by remedy assumes you acquiesce to the crime. No notice given, or due process offered.

1:40 – Banking system is currently crazy. People covering their butts, big time players leaving for Costa Rica or Patagonia among others. Many have dual citizenship pre arranged, especially Israel. This should be treason, but isn’t as they are corporate entities.

1:46 – CIA and Anna in a grudge match. Gold backing of the Dollar is being hindered by the CIA, as they have had control of currency since WWII.

1:49 – Every big war since the English Civil War except the American War of Independence seems to have been an unfinished mercenary conflict. Every two year the President declares war on something, such as war on drugs / poverty / crime but they themselves are doing something illegal by declaring war, as war is illegal. CIA plus law enforcement officers are the muscle enforcing the fraud.

1:53 – Our employees have stolen our gold, homes and children. Ancient name for the parasites is the “name stealers”.

1:56 – Two paths for initiates of secret societies. Right hand, helpful, Left hand, evil. As you climb the manure pile you get covered in the manure and so are compromised. Dark and Light paths coalesce above 33rd degree. Many quit at this point.

2:02 – English history is pertinent to America. The English Civil War was about the wealth of the Catholic church, which was spreading Christian communism. The Catholics were in the minority but had vastly increased wealth due to Catholic King James.

2:06 – Hugely brutal conflict but never declared and no peace treaty that ended with the beheading of King Charles 1st. Propagandized as a religious war in the same way the American Civil War was propagandized as against slavery. Both were about commercial competition advantages.

2:12 – Donations still needed. It’s a dogfight to get through all the red tape and political bull.

2:17 – Several families need to be relocated to help the cause, to assist the Mint, the Post Master, special projects in Arizona etc.

2:19 – Next week Anna should be able to reveal why the 71 countries are looking to come back on the land [see @ 48 minutes] and why TASA has to hold the course. Eyes will be opened all over the planet. First in time is first in line. All Anna’s claims are in her Trust, so if she dies it brings the trust into action so much sooner.

2:25 – Law of the soil goes hand in hand with the law of the soil. There is no state religion.

2:27 – Halloween and Samhain, Celtic New Year. Good or bad depending on how we look at things. Was not a celebration of evil, but a recalling of lives lost during the year. Don’t let evil take over the light. Make it a celebration of life and sharing.

2:37 – Goodnight from Anna

2:39 – Goodnight from Teri. Ends