Transcripts for September 05, 2022

Anna has an especially steely air after a beginning with a very odd tale.
Interesting stuff about courts @ 1:02,
evil of Rockefeller @ 1:45,
banking betrayal @ 2:20

13 – Hello from Anna with a new computer replacing a 21 year old model. Story about a supernatural dent in a desk, a cat that is older than the computer was, dog-proofing the desk, filing systems courtesy of ‘I love Lucy’ and new dogs

40 – Lots going on, courts being convened overseas.

41 – Action in Britain, Europe, Philippines

42 – Good friends in governments keeping us informed across the world

43 – Attempts to start WW3 in Ukraine, China, Afghanistan

45 – Ratwatch after Labor Day has been especially challenging.

46 – Making Biden into a rock star (re his speech) is trickier than making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

48 – Never seen anything like the Biden administration

49 – Corporations acting as criminal death cults and need to suffer the consequences of their actions under proper law.

54 – WEF are using corporations to hire mercenaries

55 – 19th century rise of industrial robber barons

56 – People are effectively tied to ‘the company store’ and the living are at war with the dead corporations

59 – British commercial corporation SERCO is paymaster for the American military

1:00 – All CEO’s of major corps are hired guns, need to look at the directors and major shareholders.

1:02 – Not under the law of war, but under the law of peace. IMPORTANT DETAILS ABOUT COURTS – Municipal US civil service are mischaracterized as enemies. Americans are misidentified as civil servants. Anyone arguing in court grants jurisdiction to the court. Americans have only one court to sue, be sued and argue – US District Court of DC. Lots of detail – issue a notice of removal to article three court (common law). Article three courts only exist when YOU provide them through self governance.

1:15 – Intention to raise all four pillars by the end of the year.

1:16 – Research why corporation receive benefits they shouldn’t have and how they can funnel money to political ends

1:18 – Politicians and elections are bought by corporations. We have to take power from corporations

1:20 – Central banks enable rigging of commodity markets and can decide on a whim what things will cost.

1:23 – Commodities controlled by US President and Secretary of State. Nigerian Dollar fixed to 1/13 US Dollar

1:25 – Lies about water – they increase their reach of commodities they can charge for.

1:27 – They will blame the central banks and come back with something worse that still allows control of commodities. We need to be aware of the lies. Likely to be an environmental military operation. Conservation crap came from Teddy Roosevelt in early 20th century to keep America’s reserves as they could buy it cheap from the rest of the world

1:33 – Use of oil as a conservation example

1:35 – Wake up to a national debt and the oil shortage neither of which exist. The House of Saud has taken all the oil money off the US and left their people in the dirt. Remember they owe you as they borrowed against your credit.

1:43 – Fractional reserve banking

1:45 – Convicted criminal Rockefeller got control of money, when he was kicked out of other industries, due to monopolising commodities and formed the IMF with his cronies, exerting currency control via the SWIFT banking system

1:52 – We deserve to die as a species if we don’t do something about this.

1:56 – People are fooled by the Green propaganda, which keeps energy prices high

1:58 – Biden is using energy as a weapon against China and Russia

1:59 – 1858 Russian American alliance – without conflict since then. Russians blocked the UK from waltzing in and taking control after the civil war

2:01 – Russia and China painted as the bad guys as they have resources that can’t be controlled

2:03 – Control of political figures by corporations and armed forces too

2:05 – Read the Battle of Bretton Woods

2:07 – The health industry has been weaponised against you

2’09 – Statute of title 37 – all Australian medical staff are conscripted as military personnel for British Territorial Government [Government of British Territories]

2:11 – Med Beds will only be for the elite. Military are supporting them in their quest for genocide.

2:14 – Stop living on hopium and have faith in your abilities, friends, family and the Universe / God

2:18 – NO to digital currencies

2:19 – Money needed for projects. Thanks to a special donor.

2:20 – Bank undermined by people in the assemblies and so it hasn’t gone ahead as it should have last week.

2:22 – WWG1WGA applies to the whole species and the whole planet, Americans need to be part of an international solution. The people who are responsible know who they are and they need to stop and think about what they are doing.

2:34 – Hopefully it won’t be too long before the situation is sorted

2:40 – Help is needed – help each other, Webinar ends