Transcripts for September 12, 2022

3 hrs this week from Anna and Teri. Notes from me about a couple of things in [square brackets]. Lots of British stuff and news about the gold fringed ‘Old Glory’ @ 46 plus longer sections about marines @ 1:35 and an inspirational book @ 2:01

8 – Hello from Anna, who has been busy archiving and reorganizing for the first time in 3 years.

12 – British situation is similar to the American with a shady government and are where the system was first implemented with the evil rooted in London

15 – Brits used as Vatican muscle

16 – British mix up between Imperial Crown and Coronation Crown, last British Monarch of British lineage Anna thinks was just before William of Orange (James II) [info – although William of Orange’s wife Mary was in fact the daughter of James II. Upon William’s death in 1702 the (German) Hanoverian Anne succeeded to the Throne]

18 – 3 Powers represented by the living monarch – National Eng, Scot, Northern Ireland / Great Britain / UK. Lots of deliberate confusion of jurisdictions in the British Isles. 10 days of mourning / darkness. All succession planned.

23 – Security of Britain and western financial system backed by the royal Trust fund as well as all the Russian and Prussian gold held in the Bank of England. Over 10 million tons of gold. Charles likely to be new head of the Committee of 300.

27 – Enmity between Prussians and Hanoverians since Frederick the Great. Read Prussiagate by William Zoll []

31 – Spanish – American war resulted in America settling a peace treaty by paying to buy the Philippines. However the Phillippinos were in the process of kicking out the Spanish, so the US (the Scottish Interloper 1868 – 07) had to fight for the Philippines from 1878 until 1913 (when the bankruptcy ended). Lots of confusion and obfuscation about the American – Philippine war. Not a smooth change from Spanish colony to American Protectorate.

38 – Anna remembers just a little from school textbooks about the war.

39 – Just received an entire set of secret banking books from the wars showing how assets were stolen, destroyed and rebuilt to make money

42 – Oaths and diabolical courts.

46 – Gold fringed flag – gold fringe renders it a decoration known as the national colours or executive flag used when a civilian is on a military base. Means nothing, They have now disappeared and are a Title 4 flag with errant (spiked) staff loaned to federal subcontractors, defining wartime.

50 – Contractors at war with each other? Never any peace treaty after the civil war between the mercenary parties.

53 – Return to BAR and FARA form. Evasion by state and county level attorneys that don’t realize they are undeclared foreign agents working for a Federal Franchise Corporation. They don’t know who they are working for.

56 – Detail about juristic persons and hired jurists.

57 – Expect a rush to digital currency and use environmental issues as an excuse to bring this forward as well as to increase taxation.

1:00 – New York garbage up till 9/11 was taken to Fresh Kills Island, but then stopped to prevent investigation

1:01 – Government not sincere about health.

1:03 – Full pipeline of god knows what, hundreds of miles long, is left in Alaska since WWII

1:04 – 5% of atmospheric oxygen gone in the last 100 years. Now 15% was 28% thousands of years ago, leading to bigger animals. [Gasping was a book by Ben Elton about the commoditization of the air we breathe]

1:08 – Just another fraud Greta Thunberg is a Rockefeller

1:09 – Millions are going to die due to vax and the housing market will tank for 100 years. There is a massive industrialized world depopulation project going on

1:19 – The crap rises to the top in the WEF.

1:20 – Likely to get weird with Charles ascending and not having had the chance to marry Camilla, but being forced into a loveless marriage with Diana. The abuse that a monarch is put through must warp their personality. Like feeding a goose for pate.

1:25 – Problem with the Federal Reserve due to longstanding relationships with families who invested. Can’t just shut it down, but need to change from a central bank system to a new paradigm.

1:28 – Anna’s has had discussion with the Federal Reserve but nixed the idea of a digital currency due to notes being proof of debt. More on digital currency.

1:35 – Anna’s first love was a marine – every marine is on a journey from which they will never return. Sadly killed in Vietnam. More stories about her affections for the marine corp, the marines and those who exploit them.

1:55 – Get off the couch folks. Even Joe Biden can see it. Everyone is being fleeced by the Holy Roman Empire

1:56 – Federal Department of Education should never exist. Rationale for dumbing down was to be factory robots

1:58 – America is the first self governing country so we need to keep it as such

1:59 – Friend in California called up to say this is a spiritual war between good and evil, with evil at the top everywhere. So we need to focus on what we want.

2:01 – We need to think more about words and how and when we use them. The same with opportunities and time.

2:07 – Millions waking up and get trapped in fear and anger rather than push on to make change. We need to realise that we were suckered by criminal scum.

2:13 – Three things you should never lose:- hope, peace and honesty

2:18 – Three things that are most valuable:- love, family/friends and kindness

2:30 – Three things that are never certain – fortune, success and dreams

2:37 – Three things that make a person more fulfilled – commitment, sincerity and hard work

2:48 – The name of God is the sound of your breath – YHWY. The truth is always simple.

2:50 – Focus and act on what we want done

2:53 – No movement on banking for ten days due to the Queen’s death..

2:56 – Call for donations to develop the banking system.

2:58 – Love and Joy to all from Anna and Teri

3:00 – Ends