Transcripts for September 19, 2022

Anna seems resolute. Foreclosure of USA inc and issues with money throughout, including how covid and insurance is involved.

12- Anna is muddling through with the new computer.

14 – Lots of weird stuff going on in general with hackers, security breaches

15 – USA inc will be foreclosed on in a week or so.

17 – Americans can claim to be legally incompetent with no shame or guilt. See amendment #11. Frame any replies in court as a question. Jesus trial – he replies with questions and used their own answers.

21 – The jester’s defence – I know nothing about legal matters.

23 – Americans not required to know foreign law. More about regulations

30 – Both contractors colluded to maximise profits.

31 – 248 native nations living on the landmass of America along with Americans, British Territorial Citizens and Municipal Citizens. BAR wants to make laws uniform which leads to problems between states.

42 – State trusts have been liquidated and need to be returned. Secretary of State of State needs to be relieved of their duty. State secretary simply needs to inform them. Business assembly is not State of State in International Jurisdiction, with no allegiances to any other State. More intricacies of possible conflicts of law.

54 – Governments / banks preparing for a bail in

56 – All problems started after the English Civil War. (Mercenary conflict 1642 -51) Followed by CQV act in 1666 and Legalising Insurance in 1701. Insurance claims are up by 50% and rising. Some pleading Force Majeure or that the contract is invalid as they are saying covid is suicide. Claims against drug and insurance companies. Companies likely to fail, which will affect the commercial banks and hence the bail in.

1:03 – Covid details known due to patents – more about covid
1:12 – What are we going to do about Fauci, Gates etc. and what are we going to do about making an antidote?

1:17 – Insurance margins are being cut.

1:19 – Coroners claiming Insurance contribution for state of state.

1:21 – Military cannot issue money, so states can issue gold and silver certificates to sort things out. Can claim collateral from money that has been used. Make others aware that the state of states are employees.

1:25 – Breach of trust is being noticed across the world. The euro has to fail before the dollar. More detail on this. British Raj, Ukraine Bio Warfare. All of Europe and Japan in control of British so their economies can tank.

1:35 – Breach of trust is a problem on a Karmic level as well as Lawful and Legal.

1:37 – DC getting upset by the immigrants being sent there.

1:40 – Don’t get angry, get off your couch

1:41 – All comes down to the love of money

1:44 – Trade Banks will not be affected, but commercial and those that rely on credit will be

1:47 – Each dollar bill is a promise to collect 1oz of silver. Nixon changed to the petrodollar from ‘71 until last year. Back to silver now.

1:53 – National debt only occurs because the credit isn’t applied and so the books don’t balance. Default on 23rd. Fed will disappear or will merge with IMF. Banks under attack for fraud etc. Get cash out as proof of the fraud.

1:58 – Federal subcontractor had control of the mint, but like all subcontractors had to function on credit. So only the states can issue gold and silver certificates on holdings consolidated in Barclays in England over 200 million tons of precious metals and a lot belongs to the Americans.

2:01 – Problem with the Americans being majority shareholders in all Fortune 500 companies. There’s a reason to ‘leave Babylon’.

2:04 – Door is still open to those who want to come to Law. There has been a hiccup, but things will continue.

2:06 – The military are the problem since 1863. The American people need to settle it. Beware a British Territorial sting.

2:09 – Chief Justice Harlan in the Insular Tariff Case said it would cause ‘mischief’. More on contracts.

2:14 – There is no federal republic. There can be no Force Majeure. More

2:22 – Cash may well be outlawed, and not be legal tender any more. Get postal money orders. After this trade banks wil, thrive. Still a lot to be resolved. Life is more important than money. Do not panic, do not try to escape. Wait on the Lord is the message that has been given to Anna. She can say no more.

2:31 – Sorry that these evil men have trashed the reputation of America.

2:36 – We can expedite trade without money and credit.

2:38 – God bless and Goodnight.