Transcripts for September 26, 2022

Anna a little under the weather.
Thoughts on the forthcoming credit crunch @ 21,
Regulation Z exemptions @ 1:11,
Societal breakdown @ 1:20,
British pledging fealty to King Charled (the First!) @ 1:59,
Liens against the American BAR @ 2:14

12 – Greetings

13 – Money talk. Pound now only worth 10% of what it was relative to the Dollar in 1860’s. European currencies will be the first to go. Dollar strong but cut out of the market. Restricting money supply won’t help. Domestic inflation, international deflation. Fed can’t help

21 – Where to put assets? Gold or Silver. Silver is normally 65% of gold but is held down. Biggest gains in silver. Major credit liquidity crunch likely.

23 – Lots of military around the Philippines. Professional team being used to scan asset documents. People will be shocked by the amounts and sources. Lord James Brown revealed a problem some years ago.

26 – Documents will reveal where assets came from in 2005, but all cheated.

27 – Most banks declared bankruptcy on 24th and signed protection, but this collapses insurance, then the government fails. (See last week) No-one will take the risk on cover for over a century of false book-keeping.

30 – In a credit / debit system there can be no interest, but false book-keeping has enabled it.

31 – Analogy of credit / debit and bogus interest.

33 – Trusts can’t access any credit from their trusts. Another analogy. More about the fraud and compound interest. Odious debt can be written off. People pay for corporate bankruptcies through their taxes. Government pretend to be surrounded by unknown foreign enemies.

49 – People have to record and declare their status to show that they are not enemy combatants but are in fact Americans at peace.

51 – FBI lied to a judge and ransacked thousands of deposit boxes. DOJ is there to protect the government from the public. Insured bank and credit unions are the problems.

54 – Silver is American domestic currency. Dollar bill is worthless if backed by criminal organizations.

56 – Elite searching to monopolize food and water and even air.

58 – CO2 issue is a lack of oxygen.

59 – Horse opera, it’s time to ‘head ‘em off at the pass’.

1:00 – Texas is taking individual action, this can be used to use the military to seal the border with Mexico. Similar was done in 1920’s by General Pershing. Open borders deal agreed by G.W. Bush without authority to form a Regional North American government like the EU., in preparation for a world government.

1:05 – Polls show people more concerned about their own lives rather than war or anything else. Who’d have thunk?

1:07 – Tell Congress where to get off. Legislatures can only tell their employees or people on their property what to do and then only something that is federally regulated such as Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco.

1:11 – Cops waking up to the fraud, and not knowing whether to prosecute or not. Federal laws are a franchise like Wendy’s or Subway. Regulation Z Exemption is from 1956 Federal Highways Safety Act. Regulation Z number plate examples to be put on website.

1:17 – If parent corporation mandates something then the franchisees must meet that standard. So State of State has to meet the requirements of the Federal government.

1:20 – Be prepared for some shenanigans (riots) with 3 months of food and water stock available. Police won’t be there to keep order. All agencies are there to protect corporate interests.

1:30 – The madness of electric cars.

1:38 – Working hard to bring back America’s precious metals, but Trustees and Agencies making it very difficult to access them. They’d prefer if we went back to sleep.

1:41 – We have awakened and we are everywhere. Making headway against their currents every day of every month. Community wells being dug in many places. Help your community. Remember and condemn the Covid debacle and the attempt to claim we’re all patented organisms and the plan to kill many, so they can claim the estates of their property as well as the insurance taken out on the injected.

1:51 – It will soon become obvious how evil the institutions are and where did all the people go? No big crowds in Washington or NYC. We have been attacked by our own armed forces. We need to stop paying for our own demise.

1:56 – It’s gotten worse every year since 1860 and we have a bone to pick with everyone who was bought and sold. We need to let those in power know how they got their power and where they stand in relation to us. Point out the corporate constitutions.

1:59 – This week British parliament and judiciary pledged their fealty to King Charles who was beheaded in 1649, was Scottish and a Catholic. Was an absolute monarchist with absolute power over life and death of his subjects. England being held as hostage by Scotland. The 1868-1907 US contractor Scottish interloper stole all the gold and silver Catholic Stewards and Stuarts.

Injection of cash from Germans and Scotsmen who paid their way in with American funds. English Civil war still going on as is the American one despite Anna’s declaration. Mammon death cult worship shown by goat at the head of the procession.

Transgenderism is due to worship of Baphomet who is male and female.

2:11 – Tell judges that you are legally incompetent as you are have not studied and are therefore not qualified in their form of law. This means that they will not be able to prosecute you. If they say they will appoint legal counsel, ask if the legal counsel is associated with the court or in any way connected to the court a member of the court.

The should answer YES.

Then I must decline as it would be a conflict of interest for a court member to sue a court. The only court I can sue and be sued in is the District Court of the District of Columbia. 11th amendment means you don’t have to know any foreign law.

2:14 – American BAR association lien is finally being enforced and an organization will be set up to deal with the many incoming claims.

2:16 – Listing what money is needed for. The government is only there to look after the people and their assets. We will succeed.

2:18 – Dangerous high jinks with parliament pledging to a foreign monarch. On tenterhooks to see what that means.

2:20 – Closing thoughts, useful things will be published to the website.

2:23 – Goodnight from Anna.