Transcript & Video Snippets for August 2021

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Aug 02, 2021 – 1) Teri Intro – Welcome to the Land and Soil Jurisdiction!
Welcome home! That’s the only place you wanna be, your assembly needs you. We made incredible progress since March 2019. It’s very exciting time to be here, making great history everyday. Website update: How to view and subscribe to a weekly new webinar link and how to search for any webinar based on date and year. We have Video and Audio webinar version for you. Please support Anna work. We’ve got video snippets per topic base, hence you can watch just a particular topic. And, we’ve got new forms for One Pager and the 928’s paperwork full body guard armor.

Aug 02, 2021 – 2) Building the Blue Dot Bilateral Banking System
Six Banks established and will be quadrupled in a matter of weeks. An American, British, and Ireland alignment coming together to serve people lawful money. Still some nations don’t know that they still lost in Sea Jurisdiction. Italy is building a bilateral banking system as well. Each country needs three live bank founders for lawful standing, and four live bank officers act as stewards, fiduciary, controllers, and directors. An Officers is a normal type business position that anyone can do.

Aug 02, 2021 – 3) Country’s National Credit will Pay Off their National Debt
People need to form their Own Blue Dot Banking system to Receive their National Credit, so they can use it to Pay Off their National Debt. And, there is No investment capital needed to build the blue dot banking system, because the live Lawful bank founders will be drawing on the labor bond credit that was created from the fraud scheme, e.g Blood Money. The Money will be in a form of prepaid credit cards distributed by the country People’s Un-incorporated government to their lawful living Men and Women as vendor cards.

Aug 02, 2021 – 4) How to Exchange between FRN and Gold or Silver Dollar
What about the exchange rate between Federal Reserve Note and Gold / Silver dollar, and how the exchange rate will work? There will be no 1:1 exchange rate, i.e One FRN for One Silver/Gold Dollar. The exchange rate value doesn’t reflect the value of the exchange.

Aug 02, 2021 – 5) What specifically define the Blue Dot Banking System
The Blue Dot meant to distinguish itself as Lawful banking system from the legal commercial banks. All commercial banks are incorporated banks either under the Territorial or Municipal government based in their charter. we can take fiat currency and translate it into lawful money, other countries still can’t do that. Our Banks will be able to help the rest of the world to covert their currencies into Lawful money.

Aug 02, 2021 – 6) How to use the Vendor Card (Prepaid Credit Card) – Justice Anna Von Reitz
The Vendor card will be dealing with existing or established debt such as mortgage, loans, credit cards. You can pay all bills send to your name as Caps letters a.k.a the Strawman. Can we use it to buy home or car? And why it’s important to have your Money as lawful money in your bank account. The lawful money replaces the FRN as IOU into a valuable asset, hence the seller who sell you the house receives true lawful assets instead of unlawful Federal Reserve notes. If you are buying a house, find the Patent for that House to protect it.

Aug 02, 2021 – 7) Lawful Money Vs the Federal Reserve Notes Fraud
Federal notes are based on trading lies. It doesn’t stand for anything except promising to pay in the future. We are defrauded by a black magician Queen and their criminals, defrauding the whole world through FRN evil papers, through criminal acts and services, total unlawful exchange serving only the thieves, the Rats of private banking cartel. Therefore, their fraud slaved billions of Men and Women around the world. And, what in Earth the Queen doing in America selling Titles to Americans? Well, where the American government to stop the criminals and their Rats?

Aug 02, 2021 – 8) We have fruits of Poisons Tree due to Global Enslavement
The National credit due to a global fraud will be used to pay off the National debt. The Parasite is finally detected, and by establishing lawful banking system through a Lawful government, the fruits of a poisons tree can be used for public interest in order to pay the National debt. And finally, we can put an end for this black magic and the criminality. They are pure criminals, soulessness creatures, no morals or ethics, they have no identity and if they do, it would be their fraudulent bank accounts numbers. We’ve got to put total end to this FRAUD/Crimes, and people should finally understand what Money is. Money is not the Federal Reserve fraudulent notes no matter how attractive it looks like, money is not the Promissory notes neither. What is lawful is what denominated by a Living Man or Woman as Money. only then it’s true valuable Asset.

Aug 02, 2021 – 9) Our Banking System Will bypass the Criminals Banking System
You can role over your IRA and 401K into the Blue Dot Banking system. We will be adding Gold to our books, with or without the British/Queen Hallmark. The criminality is deeply infringed and it’s not showing any signs is getting better, hence we are setting up our own system to bypass the criminals and their system. And since we are lawful and honest, the whole world of honest people want to deal with us, we will expose the criminals through competing in moral and ethical way using lawful means.
Aug 02, 2021 – 10) Pope’s Nightmare if Everybody Getting this Money at Once
We can’t get the accounts opened till we get the electronic files from Pope Francis. The people’s actual government should act for the public interest, and when a fraud at such level is exposed, as government we left with responsibility to get the fruits of such fraud redistribute it with integrity to for Public interest. We can’t allow people to use the fruit of this fraud as cash, since it will create hyperinflation and it will starve the world.

Aug 02, 2021 – 10) Pope’s Nightmare if Everybody Getting this Money at Once
We can’t get the accounts opened till we get the electronic files from Pope Francis. The people’s actual government should act for the public interest, and when a fraud at such level is exposed, as government we left with responsibility to get the fruits of such fraud redistribute it with integrity to for Public interest. We can’t allow people to use the fruit of this fraud as cash, since it will create hyperinflation and it will starve the world.

Aug 02, 2021 – 11) Some Foreclosure cases can be Reversed
To some extent foreclosure cases can be reversed and returned to prior owner. The law allow some cases to help people regain their assets using various means. Let’s say you are a farmer and big Mr. business want your farm for some development fraud scheme is going on, as U.S citizen they will use various way to defraud you through taxes by claiming they are your government. They are not your government, they are the American Raj in America. The Business Man in this case was acting as Economic Hit Man being used as proxy by the Queen and the Pope to build a Roman like model cities style around the world, subjected to Rules of Civil Procedures codes. Where the American government? Well, it’s being build after 160 years of absent.

Aug 02, 2021 – 12) We will be enforcing Leans using our Banking System
Are you getting the 6 Trillion Dollars against the Pope? Leans are proof of debt, leans are huge thing.

Aug 02, 2021 – 13) Assemblies are UN-Incorporated Entities
Your Assembly is the basis of your Sovereignty and can’t be chartered. That’s huge misunderstanding if you chartered your Assembly!

Aug 02, 2021 – 14) Seals and Flags under One Sovereignty
The Hand of God does Miracles. The federation recognition was 1776, the Federation is delegation of powers by the States Union to the Federation which represented 13 sovereign States. Hence how to combine all those Sovereign States under One Seal and One Flag?

Aug 02, 2021 – 15) Haym Salomon Contributions to The American Revolution
This was ordered by George Washington who, when he asked Haym Solomon, a wealthy Philadelphia Jew, what he would like as a personal reward for his services to the Continental Army. Solomon said he wanted nothing for himself, but he would like something for his people. Then the 13 stars crafted as the star of David part of the great seal. Few people know that it was the great contributions of Haym Solomon who saved the Army and the American revolution. Click for the great seal of our government. 

Aug 02, 2021 – 16) The word America originally comes from French Tribe
France has the longest relationship with our country. The whole idea that Christopher discovered America is bogus, since the Brits wrote the history books. The origin name of America comes from the French tribe was at the west coast of Normandy. Check the Origin of what we call the American Dream and get this, the Original constitution came from France too.

Aug 02, 2021 – 17) China is the next Victim on the Menu
Catharine Austin Fits calls the fraud we are talking about – Parasite. It’s an Evil spirit that has been exploiting every aspect of life since thousands of years. We can’t defeat it, face it, join it, but we can expose it as much as we can. It meant to be, we’ve got to find out what are the motivations behind the flourish of this evil spirit and try to control them. If you look closer, you will find it feeds on Man’s greed, desire for power, hate, envy, war on war, crimes, exploiting, divide and concur, the love of Money (Currency), and the list can go on and on. As if this evil is saying, am just the reflection of your actions. Rest assured, the criminals’ life and their family is miserable, they never have peace, love, and happiness among them. So, we’ve got to expose this Fraud for everyone sake.

Aug 02, 2021 – 18) You Know Something is Wrong When… An American Affidavit of Probable Cause
Read this book from cover to end, it’s the best way to grasp what is going on and how the parasite is operating right in front of our face without us seeing it. Nevertheless, there is a solution, but it needs its people to operate it. Are you looking for a solution, are you feed up from all the fraud and corruption around you, are you going to just set there doing nothing or you wanna do something about it???

Aug 02, 2021 – 19) Situation Update: Bankers are being Arrested
The fake news won’t tell you news, but feed you with propaganda. We recommend to stop watching propaganda News channels and convert your TV into Freedom based Platform. Throw the Amazon and Google TV box from the window. Get a laptop, connect it to your TV and watch alternative Freedom Speech Platforms such as:

# Free Speech Platforms

Aug 02, 2021 – 20) Support your Government to Support you!
We need your prayers and your support. We need everybody on deck to support our message. The fastest way to get us help is by paypal. Join your Assembly, We need you! Click here to support your government.

Aug 09, 2021 – 1) Mislabeling People is the Ultimate Crime used for Slavery
Where the authority come from and how by mislabeling People through the color of law strip them from their authority? The Ultimate Crime for Modern Slavery is when you mislabel People through twisted wording as persons, human, or trans-human. It’s the People with Capital P that are the principles to the constitutions agreement and the Public Law, hence it has to be the People to make decisions. The authority is and has always been with the People of this country. Their fraud began after the civil war by redefining every person as human, and after 100 years we got human civil rights, and now they are redefining human as trans-human to strip them from their rights as patented owned property. Our Un-incorporated government outlawed the GMO trans-human crime months ago. It’s the time for round up by executing the orders and authority of the People against the criminals.

Aug 09, 2021 – 2) The Arm Forces have been ordered to take the Jab
It’s the incorporation Commercial Crime Genocide against us. It’s a crime against our arm forces. It starts as genocide on paper, using fraud, twisting, manipulation, and color of law. None of these criminals will be able to do all these crimes without the corrupted Judges and the color of law justifying their crimes through twisted color of law, codes, rules, polices, regulations and the Rules of Civil procedures used BAR association criminal cartel.

Aug 09, 2021 – 3) The PirBright British Institute is Part of the Genocide
Are the PirBright board members will be arrested as well? We don’t have control over British citizen but their crimes and genocides is international across the board, hence we can have our arm forces appointed to solve an international crime under the the international law.

Aug 09, 2021 – 4) The Genocide Started on Paper by Changing Our Status
They kill your former identity on paper by changing your status from people to persons, Human, and trans-human. The people in-charge of of those criminal incorporation will be held as criminals under the Public Law. There will be no bankruptcy option as safe exit for those criminals. We believe there might be multiple bodies of Bill Gates too.

Aug 09, 2021 – 5) The Criminals Will Drink From The Same Cup
So what ever has been done here is gigantic stage show and has 2 possible ending if you will. The Biological Graphene Oxide Operating System vaccination shot (Slavery Jab) will do either one of the following or both 1) Either it changes Man/Woman DNA using GMO to transform it into patented property, 2) If you can’t own them as Property slaves, then Kill them all. All criminals will be accountable and brought to justice under the Public Law. Society has to be informed what exactly happened totally wrong and how to prevent it.

Aug 09, 2021 – 6) Your Prepaid Vendor Card will Pay all Your Utilities!
To all SignInAmerican Coordinators, start making your vendor list. All type of monthly bills such as medical bills, college loans, monthly mortgage, credit cards, and personal loans can be off set using your Vendor card. Your Vendor card can hold other cards too. It can be used as passport as well to travel. It’s secure and private, it can be turned off and minimizes the transaction to minimum to prevent the theft of your private data. Blue dot Banks are being built ready to run the infrastructure of the Vendor card. IRS and FBI are vacating their buildings in Alaska and listing these building for sale.

Aug 09, 2021 – 7) Small Businesses Won’t Pay Income Tax Anymore
As small business you can access for yourself and your family members, your employees and their family members, where you are 100% exempt from paying income taxes and you will be qualified for various type of insurance services including life insurance. You’ve got to choose, you are the administrator, no one else is choosing for you. The government doesn’t to choose anymore. We are After the Kingpins Who Planned and Plotted. We are revealing the Greatest Pirate Operation in History. The Veterans after the World War II were supposed to receive a Stock portfolio as investment under their names.

Aug 09, 2021 – 8) Average American Spends only 7 Minutes per day with Family
Family would be the focus, it’s too sad that the average American family has 2 parents that work full time and has no time for their children to raise them. And, they don’t know their neighbors anymore, looking around and being afraid from the unknown. Get to know your Neighbors! Don’t be afraid from your neighbors. The idea to keep people scared from their neighbors invented by the Rockefeller. Slogan: Get to Know Your Neighbor!

Aug 09, 2021 – 9) The State is Responsible for the Public Interest
The State is fundamentally responsible for the Public Interest in land that is not private. Serving the Public Interest is beneficial for the entire State and other neighbor States. There are too many issues that got to be addressed by State. The incorporation for profit model spoiled the soil, land, well water, rivers, sea, and air by their criminality greedy model that is focused only on profit. They hijacked every nation around the world through corporations providing governmental services, but in fact they were Trojan Horses economic hit pirates following Rome City model.

Aug 09, 2021 – 10) The 500 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit has NO Standing
U.S Citizens lawyers who are suing the Federal Government got no standing to pull it off and the the court they are addressing won’t have the jurisdiction (Right Words) either. However, the research has been done is not a wasted effort. At some point there will a restitution for businesses and individuals.

Aug 09, 2021 – 11) The Red Pill of Disclosure 101
The Ultimate Authority is You Page 233-235. Read this book, it’s a true red pill which will show you how the true world and reality is being operated by the World New Order elites, and how Rome is still operating the world since thousands of years. Get to know what the Rules of Civil Procedures are. The old families of ancient Europe still got a dog in the fight since then. Check out which is still big part of Rome Yolk, the Egyptians originally came from Transylvania. And, how the FBI is being used and abused by the criminals. Disclosure 101 – What You Need To Know.

Aug 09, 2021 – 12) Situation Update: American Military Finally is waking UP!
Although the era is difficult for too many people, but we are in a golden age as well. We believe the American military is finally waking up, and if they won’t wake up soon, they will themselves be forced to take the jab. The military personal will eventually loose their source of income if they don’t wake up NOW.

Aug 09, 2021 – 13) Deprive the Criminals of Making Money
We are working on several different cases providing international protection for victims. Each assembly will have someone as point source and chairman part of the litigation committee. The committee will help members of the assembly to deprive the criminals of making money. We are setting up a protocol that our assembly members win in any case. Either you win your case or they let you and your family go. A universal plan is being prepared with litigation committee. And, there are no probate courts in America, they have no authority – ZERO! There are no authority to create any sort of Probate Courts in America.

Aug 09, 2021 – 14) Thank you Bill! There are NO Probate Courts in America!
There are no probate courts in America, they have no authority – ZERO! There are no authority to create any sort of Probate Courts in America. Please support our Researchers. We are so grateful for our researchers. We support all of them by all means to keep exposing the fraud and bringing forth the Remedy.

Aug 09, 2021 – 15) Banking Building Progress and Situation Update
A lot of expenses involved to build our own Lawful secure banking systems. We still haven’t get the digital files from the Pope yet, and we are getting tangible asset like Gold and Silver. And, we have liquidated money to pay our government employees.

Aug 09, 2021 – 16) We will need a lot of Clerks to Process Land Patents
There got to be an administration for Land patents. For example, when American State National or State Citizen buy a land from US citizen, they acquire chain of title all the way back to the land patent immediately, hence don’t have to argue about it. We will need a lot of patent clerks to search for U.S patents when American private individuals need to buy piece of land.

Aug 09, 2021 – 17) Prepare your Vendor List to Pay Utilities and Bills
Everybody need to prepare their vendor list, who is your dentist, your doctor, your insurance? All bills addressed from corporations to your Strawman name that is all your Capital letter NAME such as bills Taxes, Medical bills, Mortgages, college loans, and all sort of things you have have in reoccurring bases, put all this under your vendor list. Remembers, the vendor card was not meant for transactions among American State Nationals or State Citizens.

Aug 09, 2021 – 18) We are looking for Honest Personal that have no Use for LIES
Honesty is a key in what we do. Our people need to know the truth and where the Vendor Cards Money is coming from, and people, their parents, and grand grand parents were all defrauded, therefore, the Vendor card’s money is a prepaid money owed to people, their parents, and their grand grand parents. There will be educational programs to teach people about the reason behind the Vendor card system, and for sure it’s not a government welfare. You learn things about Money and Paper Currency as if you never heard about it in your life before.

Aug 09, 2021 – 19) Invest in the ONLY Government that is Working for You!
Please invest in the only government that is out there working for you to protect you, your family, your community, and your assets, giving you all the tools and everything else which is so important for self-govern. It’s not only to govern your Country, your State, and your County, but to govern your life too. This is the American dream., is to have all the rights, accept all responsibilities, and do it all Excellently!

Due to technical difficulties when recording the Webinar we are unable to have Transcripts and Snippets available at this time.

Aug 23, 2021 – 1) Teri Intro – Your Assembly Looking Forward for You to Step Up
To join the effort of building the 4 pillars of each stat’s assembly, 1) General, 2) Business, 3) Peace, and 4) Jural Assemblies. In addition to 4 pillars, we are building Militia Assemblies in each State to help communities such emergencies situations. Besides building the assemblies, we are in the process of reconstructing the missing pieces of our UN-incorporated government such as the confederation and the Federal Republic. We the living People only can do the reconstructing since we have the proper status and standing to do it.

Aug 23, 2021 – 2) We are getting our Gold and the Digital files
The criminals moved our Gold to the Philippines island protecting it by the Navy. Philippines islands were bought using American Gold. Our communication with the military was blocked with some interest parties. Some parts of the military were not connected together, but they are. The digital files are held with the Pope. We will be looking at the recording of every American since since born starting at 1921 and onward, which will take around 3 to 5 years to sort all of them, that is Billions of people who lived and died in our country since 1921.

Aug 23, 2021 – 3) There are 3 different Governments Operating in our Country
We’ve got 3 kind of citizenship as well. 1) Municipal government manged by the Pope held by District of Columbia, 2) Territorial government manged by the Queen and Major of London held by the Pentagon, and 3) Our government, The Untied States of America Un-incorporated government. Our Un-incorporated government in session since almost 3 years, and that’s your government you need to join. The reconstructing process of our government is becoming more obvious to people, hence they are coming forward and willing to help what has been destroyed since 1850. Our Federation is our instrumentality at the international level, therefore, we have our voice at the International level. Our effort preserved the assets of our country.

Aug 23, 2021 – 4) Your Voice is very Powerful Far Beyond What You Think
History proved at too many stages how simple by using your voice can change the world, even single one Man or Woman can change the world, simply by communicating with people using different means. Therefore, we start to hear people’s voice, from France, Ireland, India, Iran, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, Germany, Arabia, from all over the world, speaking up and telling their government and the corporations spinning those governments what the People want. The key is what we want, do you want Freedom, Happiness, Peace, Plenty, and abundance? Then focus on what you do want.

Aug 23, 2021 – 5) If you don’t have Standing then You don’t have Voice
You’ve got to be living man / woman, that is American State National or State Citizen, an American standing under the Public Law, belong to the Land and Soil Jurisdiction to have standing. Therefore, you own dog in the fight – Your Voice! U.S. and U.S.A. Inc citizens have no voice nor standing by default, people were kidnapped by the criminals of Territorial and Municipal governments at born time using birth certificate registration (Any registration means you are giving away the trust to someone else) into Maritime and Sea Jurisdiction. Government Public Services are our Employees. The Middle man (That is Municipal and Territorial governments) is giving our employees wrong directions like keep waging endless mercenaries wars across the planet!

Aug 23, 2021 – 6) Impersonation is Criminal’s Main Tool to Carry their Fraud
They kidnapped us using legal means Not Lawful, hijacked our identity like Credit card hackers, transformed us from being living people into fictional persons (Strawman), then to kind of a Man a.k.a Human, and nowadays into GMO Trans-human using the GMO jab. It was all possible by the high Seas jurisdiction registration process. Who said when you are a teenager you Need Social security Number in order to have Job? It’s only required if you are applying for Federal job. Who can imagine when you sign the 1040 form, you are (unconsciously without disclosure) agreeing to act as British warrant officer. Who can imagine that the BAR association has 2 different meanings: 1) British Accredited Registrar and 2) Bank Authorized Representative.

Aug 23, 2021 – 7) Our Courts Operating as Foreign Court Systems
Our courts are incorporated entities registered with the secretary of state office and approved as foreign corporations. The BAR attorneys have been operating as bank representatives, bringing false claims in commerce against American people. It’s a system of impersonation serving mainly Insurance fraud and the banking criminal cartel. It started 300 years ago with ships in the sea, insuring ships that never exist. Now, they have done the same fraud but using our names instead, by transforming us from living people into fictional persons.

Aug 23, 2021 – 8) The U.S. Inc. government killed American Indians using Blankets
The blankets were infested by smallpox. Now, the criminals of U.S. and U.S.A Inc. are doing the same thing with American people and the rest of the world, but using different technology. After all, the U.S. Inc. and U.S.A Inc. and all Wall Street incorporation spinning under them are profit driven entities, looking only for their share holders interest. In the case of U.S. Inc. and U.S.A Inc., the Pope in the Vatican and the Queen of England / Major of London are the main principles and major share holders.

Aug 23, 2021 – 9) The Death GMO Jab IS NOT a “Vaccine”
The death shot that is being labeled as “COVID-19 Vaccine” is a GMO jab. It will lower your immune system to a level that if you get a minor flu will kill you. The flu in this case won’t be the root cause, rather, it’s the death GMO shot, simply because it lowered the immune system by folds and made it so vulnerable and week, even minor flu might kill people. Not everyone knows this part, therefore, people fell into believing the Fake news and the so called doctors that pushing the “Vaccine”. The worse thing started to happen, more people are dying now from the death shot, creating even more scare mongering, hence pushing more people take more jabs. It’s so criminal and delibret genocide. How they benefit from all this? 2 ways: 1) Claim people as property or 2) claim the insurance value after they die.

Aug 23, 2021 – 10) The U.S. Inc and U.S.A Inc are not Our Government
Bear in mind this is not our government at all. It’s couple of run amuck, commercial, foreign corporations, in a “business of providing essential government services”. So, it’s not our Un-incorporated government making those mandates, and none of these criminal corporation can standup in Public courts or even in their courts to claim those mandates apply on American State Nationals. They can apply it against their U.S. and U.S.A Inc. citizens, against their dependent, but they can’t apply it on us. American State Nationals or State Citizens are not Employees of U.S. Inc. nor U.S.A Inc, period. Nor we depend on them.

Aug 23, 2021 – 11) Unprecedented level of Fear Mongering Campaigns
It’s so sad to see just little bit of fake fear can control that much of people. People become so confused and don’t know what is right or wrong. The fear will go through the roof in this Fall. Remember, the common cold won’t normally kill people, but it might since the death jab lowered the immune system and filling the body with spike protein. So, COVID-19 was the Hoax to pass the “Vaccine” shot as GMO jab. The death shots are meant to act as HIV virus, mainly attacking the immune system which will cause various sickness across all body’s organs.

Aug 23, 2021 – 12) The Graphene Oxide found in most COVID-19 Jabs
The Flu was used as Trojan Horse, since there is abnormal reaction from the Immune system to just a common cold, every year we have those common cold symptoms. The jab made people reacting severely in allergic way to just common cold. Flu became great recipe for criminals, because it has more than 240 variants across 2 families: A and B. This crime has no end, they will keep pushing death shots into oblivious. They white uniform doctors are being used as Army personal, they have signed to carry on orders and they can’t refuse them, if they do refuse, they will loose their license and will be prosecuted, hence loosing their job and livelihood. Unfortunately, it’s Nazi Germany again, all these doctors will be held accountable.

Aug 23, 2021 – 13) Americans were kept deliberately Fat, Dump, and Happy
People from other countries looking at Americans and wondering how Americans still can’t see the communists infiltration signs invading their country. We are so blessed to have members in the assembly born and raised in other countries and they know the signs very well. We need to be aware that the criminals the pirates that they kidnapped us at birth time, deliberately suppressed the truth, trapped us for generations running inside a hamster wheel, hijacked our education system, modified our food using GMO, corrupted our political system, occupied our courts using foreign courts, heavily taxed us, neglected our communities and counties needs, and put us under endless debt and wars, therefore, they can have safe haven and no need to worry about any type of wakening or resistance.

Aug 23, 2021 – 14) Continental Marshal Mission Statement 2.0 Released
The mission statement 1.0 was always there but was not given to the Marshal members by previous Marshal administration. The second version was released with more clarity answering most questions might have. There is a new test battery of 400 questions for Marshal members has been released as well, hence making sure the Marshal members know their mission very well when they go into the field. Marshal members they will risk their lives, therefore, it’s important they know what they are doing.

Aug 23, 2021 – 15) Sign-In America, Vendor Card, and Banking System Updates
We made a lot of progress, we’ve expanded the number of banks in the network. We are making progress in denominating currency into lawful money. That will help funding the vendor card infrastructure such as offices and computers. There will be an educational process going on with the Vendor Card such as where the money is coming from as prepaid credit. This money was extracted from our grand-grand parents in a fraudulent way, hence it’s a prepaid credit to be paid back to the American people.

Aug 23, 2021 – 16) The Internal Revenue Service The IRS is Defunct — People!
IRS revenue criminal services are closing their offices in America. There are no more IRS offices in Alaska left. They vacated their buildings, closed as they should be since they were preying on our people. Especially, after the liquidation of the municipal incorporated government. Few IRS skeleton offices left around doing the mop up.

Aug 23, 2021 – 17) What is World Trust and how World Bank Criminals Breached all Trusts
The world bank has operated as criminal syndicate. As a result the whole structure of Trust system called into massive audit. The world trust can be open at Easter or Christmas, right under that trust we have Royal trust, next the family trust tiers, the corporation trusts which create all industrial needs, then lastly at the bottom we have common man trust which Joe average get a bit of the trust. Trusts were created to take care of planet, animals, and the people, but the bankers criminals exploited the structure for centuries.

Aug 23, 2021 – 18) Who are the Signature Authority People to Audit the Trust?
One man has came forward and proved that has the knowledge to have the signature authority to audit trusts and banking system. But, he couldn’t exercise his authority to bring relief to people, since the criminals brought him here and set him up as U.S. citizen, hence he lost his signature authority. Finally, this gentleman corrected his status and the Queen can’t access the fund the way it was before. This correction has and will dry the fund across the public sector of municipal government, since the stream of the municipal government contractor is collapsing due to no more money funding their criminality. Afghanistan was a proof how the U.S contractor is loosing ground due no more money funding their endless wars.

Aug 23, 2021 – 19) Afghanistan is the Grave Yard of Nations
The continues saga in Afghanistan is benefiting only and only the drug cartel and wall street the corporations. Through the long history, none of the nations were able to control Afghanistan, but rest assured that bankers and their corporations war criminals that is the wall street, had made a killing through all these years of mercenary war. Therefore, if someone believes that china is going their to win the hearts of Afghanistan people, think again. Rest assured that who ever invade Afghanistan again including the Chinese, will be sent by the same criminals who sent the USSR army, U.S. and U.S.A Inc army that is the war criminals of banking cartel.

Aug 23, 2021 – 20) We are looking in way how to Shutdown Criminal Corporations
Important Situation Update. We are looking in way how to Shutdown Criminal Corporations. CDC and the known criminals syndicate of Wall Street cabal must go and they are guilty of crime. Will be continuing working with others who willing to help in our efforts.

Aug 23, 2021 – 21) World Court Meeting – Global Jubilee is Needed More Than Ever
The world court will be meeting soon on Zoom to present Jubilee for all Man kind across the globe. There was no Jubilee 800 years ago. Going back 800 years ago to know where our parents used to live is not practical. Let’s have Jubilee for all of us without going back 800 years back. It doesn’t make sense to apply indigenous labeling on people who born here thousands of years ago vs people who born and raised on this land 20 years ago, regardless where their parents came from. Indigenous labeling was injected in society, used, and abused by the criminals to divide and conquer. Finally, let’s just erase all debts for all nations without wasting time back going 800 years to figure out where our parents came from.

Aug 23, 2021 – 22) Stop Fighting People! Walk gently among animals and people
Let nature, animals, and people feel that you are friendly and not here to hurt them or steel them. It’s okay to be white, black, or brown skin, have black, blue, green, or blue eyes. It’s okay, God created us like flowers different colors and shapes. There is no flower or color better than the other. God didn’t create one tree, he created various types of trees. Look at the diversity of creation and accept it, appreciate it, it’s part of the beauty and that is the miracle in creation. Only criminals wanted us to be different than what God has created us.

Aug 23, 2021 – 23) We were able to spot old copies of English and American Common-law
Please support your government to buy those books, hence we can create courses for you in American common-law, which practiced 350 years ago before the maritime law. Those books are expensive, but worth each dime since they will show us how common law was formed and how it functioned. It’s crucial to have these books before it disappear in a black hole again.

Aug 23, 2021 – 24) Support your UN-incorporated Government!
We need travel money, we need graphic support for the world court meeting coming soon. We need support for the effort to figure out how common-law was functioning prior the 1650s, before it was mixed with maritime law. So, buying those ancient books of common-law will help in this effort. Most donations received will be focused on buying common-law books and create courses. The fastest way to help your government is by paypal. Join your Assembly, We need you! Support your government at

Aug 30, 2021 – 1) Teri Intro – Please make sure you subscribe to our New Mailing List
We are leaving Godaddy platform and having our own independent platform, which will give us more security and independent. Please make sure you subscribe to our new mailing list to receive the new Web link for WebEX every week. Besides, don’t forget that we have search feature on TASA site to search for anything including text, articles, webinars, and video snippets based on your interest. Remember, you can always do the self-governing option and publish your papers on your own, and if you are looking for most affordable way to file your papers that would be in Georgia State.

Aug 30, 2021 – 2) The Criminals Transformed People Globally into Slavery Bonds
After they do, they sell us to the Pope based on our birth certificates. And in order to be free from slavery/bond system, you have to have lawful money. Treasury notes are not lawful money for that reason. So, you are stuck in a slavery catch 22 system with no exit unless you know and correct your status. All this without your/our knowledge, it’s a nasty criminal system. Remember, the bond is matched to your birth certificate. So, you can go the U.S treasury and buy your freedom, but people did not know that they can buy their freedom back, hence there was no remedy for such satanic transaction. Generation after generation lived under this system sucked dry from those parasites.

Aug 30, 2021 – 3) Rome was the first Victim of Slavery Bonding Parasites
In recent time, it was Rome where heavily infested and the parasites spread with Roman invasion in all direction, Europe, Spain, Britain, and all European content. They were later able to spread through the Spain and British Empires. Spread to Asia, to Americas and all the world like tape worm. Their next beefy victim is China. We hope china one day wake up before it’s too late. The parasitic infection through China will be devastating to all Earth. At the moment, they are leaving The United States Of America into a new host called the Chinese Empire. If you care about China, please Warn them that they are the Next Host.

Aug 30, 2021 – 4) The God of all lies, twisting, deception, and manipulation
The Bond criminals believes in the God of all lies. Their main strategy is lying, lying, and more lying. Twisting, deception, and manipulating the words, a GMO injection is calling it “vaccine” using deception and lying through their fake News channel. The World Bank for example is their main front for lying, breaching trust, exploiting religions, politicians, governments, nations, and everything they touch. So, those criminals can’t be liable for anything they said, simply because what ever they say is a lie upon deception upon fraud. Hell is waiting to consume all liars.

Aug 30, 2021 – 5) Historic Heroes donated all their Wealth to fight the Lying Parasite
Back in 1855 Justice Anna Von Reitz Grand-grand father donated all his wealth to the effort of fighting the parasite. Lying is their strategy to hunt their victims, don’t allow lairs in your life, don’t accept lies from nobody, say big NO for lying. The definition of lying: To utter falsehood with an intention to deceive; to say or do that which is intended to deceive another, when he a right to know the truth, or when morality requires a just representation. [1913 Webster] .

Aug 30, 2021 – 6) An Official Paper Ending the 1860 Civil War Presumption The federation was meant to be an organization and was never meant to be a corporation either. The British contractor want it to be a corporation. And, we are done with the civil war. They started the mercenary conflict without declaration from the congress and there was no peace treaty to end the war. So, it was kept open for and endless wars exploited by the criminals, therefore, the General order 100 of Lincoln has expired and is not valid anymore for any corporate mercenary wars. Our assembly had brought an end to this mercenary war. Way to go assemblies! Therefore, the parasitic corporation can’t declare any type of war on anything anymore using presumption.

Aug 30, 2021 – 7) No more Funds and Contract for Biden to keep WARS going
So, Mr. Biden and his administration can’t continue war crimes anymore, because they have no more funds and no contract to keep lying on people under the assumption of spreading Freedom across the earth. We are fed up of all lies, deception, and the BS going ON for centuries since Lincoln time. No more Wars Biden, tell your master the Pope to fund your mercenaries wars instead. You have no contract with us a no more funds for your criminal corporation to keep going. Mercenaries Wars destroy Nations on both Sides.

Aug 30, 2021 – 8) The Most Dangerous Type of Lying is Half Truth
The Greatest Army left the Dogs behind before leaving Afghanistan. There is a rescue effort going on to save the dogs. Americans were lied to, Americans were deceived by professional liars, the criminals built schools to teach people how to lie. It’s shameful and evil, we are being exploited by professional criminals at all levels, government, educational, news channel, medical, and every single agency became a professional liar.

Aug 30, 2021 – 9) Choose life over death – Don’t get pulled by the Death Cult
The most precious thing you have is your time and if you don’t have your life you have nothing, but if you have your life you have everything! Always choose life and never choose something is going to result in death. Your health, your time, and your life are more important than any gold, land, and all type of money.

Aug 30, 2021 – 10) Bearer Labor Bonds + Insurance Fraud = Global Genocide
What is the Bearer Bond? The short version. Pope’s most favorite bearer bonding is your blood Money, your labor hours, your energy of the course of your life time. And that’s what you need to buy back if you want to be free from the criminals bonding slavery. The problem that they used our gold to do it and it’s outlawed since 1926. So, we can choose our freedom our life buy buying the bond using lawful money, and the criminals got to keep the gold. Usually, The bearer bond is gold back commodity. They insured non existing persons who will born in the future, and they bit on that using the stock market. AIG insurance is the biggest criminal among all insurance scandal, this fraud running since for centuries.

Aug 30, 2021 – 11) But Why Would They Want to Kill Us? Mind Blowing
Slaughter is a profitable business for the criminals of the private Banking and Insurance cartel. They tax your labor, they tax your property, and you have to perform upon the slave labor bond the Popes issued. They have been operating people as human cattle, slaughtering them through the centuries. We don’t need insurance fraud and criminality. We should kill the insurance industry.

Aug 30, 2021 – 12) The Criminals have Built Cancerous Infrastructures
The never ending road projects! The Unions keep tearing up and the same freekin roads over and over again every few years, the never finish the projects on the roads. The cancerous infrastructure became a cash COW for the Unions criminal cartel and their politicians. It’s a political and lobbyists club – rats and puppets serving only the Bankers and Wall Street corporations. We don’t need political parties and we are not suppose to have parties operating as parasites.

Aug 30, 2021 – 13) What is the Bilateral Banking System?
Detailed break down and explanation between the relation of Commercial and Trade banking system and how they intersect between each other at the Global, International, National, and local level. And, how all those banking system will be regulated by the different type of jurisdictions starting at soil, land, intentional, and global laws. Our founding fathers built check and balance system at every step so criminals can’t control the Land and Soil Jurisdiction. Finally, we will have the opportunity to build a health beneficial banking system which will benefit everyone around the world.

Aug 30, 2021 – 14) We hope we can prevent any further genocides
People are crazy and are being used as guinea pigs for the pharma criminals using uniformed officers called doctors against you and your family. The continues taking of jabs will lower the immune system by folds up to 45%. Why for God sake you need to take such jab? Don’t take the jab and standup for yourself and your rights. They are putting an HIV equivalent in their blood, they can’t donate blood anymore.

Aug 30, 2021 – 15) For God sake, if you haven’t taken the Jab don’t take it!
Don’t take the “Vaccine” It’s a death shot. If you already took it, watch this video and write down what Justice Anna is taking about in terms if anti-oxidant nano technology. It works like a carbon filter in the fish tank, collects radicals and nano harmful particles such as Graphene oxide and hopefully through them out of the body.

Aug 30, 2021 – 16) No protection for “Vaccine” Corporations
They are not under any type of liability to protect themselves, the congress which provided the protection for those criminals is bankrupted. Say I am sorry, am allergic to the “vaccine” crap and ask them if you are willing to be 100% individually commercially liable if something happened to me to after the jab, and ask them what is your name and your medical license number.

Aug 30, 2021 – 17) The Pope agreed to release the Digital files
They have agreed to release the digital files of bearer bonds, the bearer bonds has to match with the birth certificates in order to get rid of it. The saga continues on that one and soon will be released and give to Justice Anna.

Aug 30, 2021 – 18) United Nations and England Church Protects Corporations
Thanks Jimmy Carter, the UN need to brought to speed and the church of England. The most christian Queen and sovereign being disappeared and vacated after 3 days without anyone noticing.

Aug 30, 2021 – 19) Sign In American Coordinators get ready for Training!
People will be able to use their cards for charges such as IRS and even Mortgage. Use your Vendor card to pay property taxes as well. Prepare your list of monthly Bills/Utilities; you will be able to use your Vendor Card to pay them all, including rent.

What will be paid by vendor card. Account Type: Mortgage, Rent, Utility, Health Insurance, Car/Property Insurance, Life Insurance, Tuition, Car Lease, Lawn Care, Team Dues, Membership Dues, Credit Card, Realtor Service.

You’ve got to be American State National Or State Citizen (By Claiming your Name / Correcting your status) at and you’ve got to have a proof of knowledge certificate by passing the following course
Listen to the first course

Aug 30, 2021 – 20) Dealing With the IRS and Other “Public Debt” Collectors
We are Restoring our Government to help our People. Remedies for our people by proofing their exemption, especially with the IRS. The IRS can try to misaddress Americans, and if we are stupid, they can still succeed. The fundamental question is — if you have properly instructed the bank and used the proper endorsements on all checks, etc., do you have any Federal Income? Yes or no?

Video version:

Aug 30, 2021 – 21) BAR = Banks Approved Representatives of the King
We are reinforcing the Common-law Courts. We found old common-law books. We are securing the common-law courts. The kings of England using equity law in 1750’s transformed courts into billing collection agencies. Equity law doesn’t apply on American and never did. It’s based on maritime law, where the kings claim he owns everything and you are the debtor. So, the BAR original meaning is Banks Approved Representatives of the King. BAR members consciously or unconsciously are Number ONE Combatant against the American people and all Man kind.

Aug 30, 2021 – 22) We are keeping the UN and the World Bank feet to the Fire
We have to take it step by step with them, they are criminals and we can’t allow them the bankers to collapse the economy world wide and have millions of people starving to death. So, Justice Anna is acting as banker as well for us to deal with the crooks. And God indeed has Sense of Humor, the criminals hired the scum of the earth the most filthy thugs to act on their behalf, and God sent to them a great Grandma, as if he was saying, kiss my fluffy butt :0) Justice Anna Von Reitz is real people.

Aug 30, 2021 – 23) We have at least another Bumpy Year a head of us
Stock up on food, fuel, and water. Buy high grade water filtering system, buy blankets. We can’t trust the people in-charge right now in anything. Put a side a medical supply, Beans, rice, wheat and so on. We can’t trust the government of Canada as reliable friend to anybody, so the situation in Canada is scary and the closest help for us in here is Russia. We have been prompting community storage and water wells in case of emergencies what ever the emergencies are, you still need water to drink and cook. Help your family and your neighbors.

Aug 30, 2021 – 24) Support the American Government. Your Government. Do it now!
Please invest in the only government that is out there working for you to protect you, your family, your community, and your assets, giving you all the tools and everything else which is so important for self-govern. It’s not only to govern your Country, your State, and your County, but to govern your life too. This is the American dream is to have all the rights, accept all responsibilities, and do it all Excellently! The fastest way to help your government is by paypal. Join your Assembly, We need you!

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