Transcript & Video Snippets for September 2021

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Sept 06, 2021 – 1) Teri Intro – Will come home to the Land and Soil Jurisdiction
Welcome home brothers and sisters, there were a lot of Washingtonian came to the land and soil jurisdiction last week. There is a new Texans Assembly is being formed, Texas assembly is experiencing backlog email issue and they are in the process in building new email system. Use the contact form when contacting Texas Assembly, if you still don’t hear from them soon, please be patience. Texas as 240 counties, make sure you let them know what county you are in. Remember to distribute the Peace proclamation letter to everyone you know and to make sure our voices are heard.

Sept 06, 2021 – 2) The Importance of Philadelphia Post Office
There is an old and one of the main important post offices still open since the declaration of independence. Keeping this post office maintained and open is one of the very important things for our government existence.

Sept 06, 2021 – 3) We had meetings with the Patriot movements leaders
We all agreed that Municipal citizen would be grateful of what we did and how we did it. We spoke about the peace proclamation and how the civil war has been officially ended using our government through public notice. There is difference between our assemblies and the district Federal assemblies, our civil government is officially assembled and there is nothing to fight about. Too man ignorant claims has been cleared through the meetings, such as Federation is not the Federal contractor.

Sept 06, 2021 – 4) The Federation is not the “Federal Government”
The Federation is not the “Federal government”, that’s a fundamentals understanding our people have to have, the Federation is NOT the foreign corporate subcontractors. The Federation is the American Federation of the State, the actual American government in the international jurisdiction, and it’s the only mechanism or the only club to keep the foreign sub-contractors working according to the international jurisdiction where they. The federation holds the contracts with the principles.

Sept 06, 2021 – 5) There is NO NEW declaration of Independence, Charlie Ward!
Hear that Charlie Ward and Simon Parks! Stop your con artist work. Don’t recreate something from Fiat. If we do recreate new Independence, we will loose all the benefits and history that has been associated with the first declaration of Independence. Simon Parks and Charlie Ward Ward are Brits and their existence is to create and cause troubles and deceive people. Never trust Simon Parks, Charlie Ward, or David Straight for what ever they said or claim. The Brits got to clean their house before pointing on someone else houses, they have worse problems way more than anyone else to deal with.

Sept 06, 2021 – 6) It’s NOT a Political Matter Simon Parks! It’s Crime and Fraud
Hear that Simon Parks! The core of most crimes is fraud, they are using lies and deceiving people to commit their crimes. We are putting the criminals back into their box before they become corporate Feudalism. The British Monarchy is the corrupt to the core for a long time, generations back. We love British people, but their government and their Monarchy is evil reflected on the rest of the World. The commonwealth sucking people dry using crimes and fraud by creating the United Nations, Inc. for more deceit and Fraud.

Sept 06, 2021 – 7) Why and When the United Nations Incorporation was Created
Was created during the War World II in France. A corrupted evil corporation as store front for criminals using deceived name to defraud people, nameless and faceless corporation to carry on the criminals interest and not to Unit the Nations. The same thing goes for the World Health Organization, they all faceless and nameless corporation exist to serve their masters.

Sept 06, 2021 – 8) Peace has been declared! International Peace Proclamation Part 1
We are a head of Everyone forming our Lawful Government. The Civil War era has been ended. The Abraham Lincoln 101 executive order is NO More Valid, and all the executive orders followed after him up to the current CEO Joe Biden are invalid. All presidents of either Municipal or Territorial governments executive orders are canceled and don’t apply anymore to promote anymore Wars. The Insurance and Bankruptcy fraud is the core of all type of wars, it’s one of the worst legalized gambling ever recorded. Armies around the world are considered a huge insurance corporations by criminal banking cartel. How and why 450 government agencies exist in the U.S, Inc. The so called Department of Justice was established to serve the Rats of Banking criminal cartel. The FBI is just a sub-sub-sub-contractor corporation belong the Pope, British Monarchy, and the Major of London. All those corporate agencies and the so called parties are all in bed together deceiving people since 160 years.

Sept 06, 2021 – 9) Peace has been declared! International Peace Proclamation Part 2
They made laws to legally lies to congress, they have laws to tap your phone line and track you where ever you are. As U.S citizen you don’t know that that you have been misidentified which makes it easy for them to make you subjected to their corporate codes rules and regulations. We need bright People committed to learn self-governing. You’ve got to spend time to learn about your country history to know who you are and where you heading. You need to put time and effort to learn the fundamentals of the American government. The American government is not a District of Columbia type government, our government requires involvement that you are aware of the Law to govern and not electing a party politician as proxy working for a corporate government to serve your needs. Proxies officials and politicians never ever serve the people.

Sept 06, 2021 – 10) We are building lawful government and destroying Evil Codes
We have to be prepared for a major changes, the fraud codes are being destroyed that will have effect on our daily life, but requires the understanding that a lawful government is taking place, hence fraudulent codes will make noise during the destruction process. The father of all lies and all his corporate structure and agencies don;t and won’t have place in our government.

Sept 06, 2021 – 11) The Military Suppose to Protect and Defend us – The People
15% of the Military at high rank is compromised and blackmailed. The Military has to accept the fact and understand that there is a civilian government assembled and is in session. There are too many wonderful things the military can contribute to, they have tremendous engineering skills to build a true country and true community. They can turn their guns against the real enemy. The military will be happy for the most part, they’ve got to be involved in building communities and not work as cheap mercenaries for the corporations to traffic drugs, traffic humans, and wage endless wars around the world.

Sept 06, 2021 – 12) Banking Progress, Peace Time, and Funding is Soon
We are receiving funding so soon for our Assemblies. We are ready for the challenge, it’s time for peace time flag and enough for the war time flag. Raise up the peace flag and bring down the war flag. We have been in War for 205 years and it’s the time for peace and the enjoyment of peace of freedom. We did not fought for freedom to come home and be slaved by corporate government. The peace has been declared and it’s the opportunity for everyone in this country and enjoy the blessing of Peace.

Sept 06, 2021 – 13) It was not our Fault to be in Endless Wars
It was the Brits and the Popes who bilked and milked the American people. We have been used as dump cattle as cheap cheap mercenaries for the war mongering corporation based on the private banking criminal cartel. People believes that we have been waging these wars, but we have been defrauded, cheated, mislead, and it was the Brits and the Pope who kidnapped us unlawfully into the sea jurisdiction and used us as mercenaries forces for their corporate benefits. We are honest and generous people and have been controlled by hidden, faceless, and nameless Empire.

Sept 06, 2021 – 14) Support your American Government
Please invest in the only government that is out there working for you to protect you, your family, your community, and your assets, giving you all the tools and everything else which is so important for self-govern. It’s not only to govern your Country, your State, and your County, but to govern your life too. This is the American dream is to have all the rights, accept all responsibilities, and do it all Excellently! The fastest way to help your government is by paypal. Join your Assembly, We need you! Support your government here. 

1) Teri Intro – Historic International Peace of Proclamation
We had very important things taking place. A historic International Proclamation Peace. Peace has been declared, no more WAR. No more civil war, no more mercenary conflict among the international boarders of the union. Follow this link to read the Peace Proclamation It’s critical document that effect every single being on earth. Please notice everyone you know that Peace had been declared.

2) How Nixon, Carter, and Regan sold us to China CCP
Grandma story hours and how the criminals sold us to China especially California. We are going to go back in time to see how dick Nixon created the Patrodollar and took us off the Gold standard. How the Chinese acquired jobs and American lost jobs. American under the Thumb of U.S. Inc. lost jobs, industries, factories, and how they stripped people from a real economy. We were paying for Chinese labor 10 folds and how Chinese people were slaved and paid pennies. China was and still slave prison for cheap labor. How generals and admirals of both countries were the middle man working for the bankers sucking both countries dry through mega fraud.

3) Obama Started the Largest Counterfeit Operations Ever
Obama administrator had the most sneaky attorney team, they were able to find a nasty loop hole where no one can find, hence opened Money printing machines across the world on several locations. Trillions of cash printed and was used as weapon to fund whom ever you think of. In turns, it hurt the dollar value overall by devaluing the dollar through hyper inflation. Countries around the world start to smell rats. Russians in the other hand paying in Gold. U.S Inc. printing Trillions of dollars left as counterfeit money and we are the only government that can convert this money into Lawful money. The Queen, Mayor of London, and the Pope are protected by the Chinese Army that is being used as mercenaries to protect the criminals. And how the FDR era started the most Fraudulent operation ever.

4) No more Impersonation – We are not going to be fooled again
No more British Republic or territorial Republic, or New Republic. Your con games is over! The history was repeating itself because the same criminals were ruling since thousands of years kept using the same fraud games. There is a reason why history keeps repeating itself. Every hundred years or so, they use the scam the same schemes used before in history to defraud people. The criminals now are in stateless situation on our shores and have no contract. The Army running like chicken its head cuts off, come back to the true American government to restore the honor of the American soldiers. We have been used as cheap cheap mercenaries for 160 years and it’s enough!

5) Biden the his Vice president must be Arrested
There is NO COVID-19 The Jab doesn’t prevent a disease. The Assembly protected Man Kind from Trans-human Agenda. No delta virus they never isolated any virus the “vaccine” doesn’t prevent any disease. Biden and his vice should be arrested and they should be told there was no meaningful election, and as a matter of fact, there was no public office filled since 1860 at all. Lincoln was never elected as Public office candidate, he was elected as private CEO for the U.S Inc. We have nailed the criminals to the floor, we have nailed them at every law and every high court, we have squashed them. They are condemned, hence we are not accomplices to the crime.

6) The American States Assembly – Who we are and What we did so far?
The American States Assembly denied General Order 100 and Ended the Civil War. We did not keep our mouth shut hence we are accomplices to the crime. What we did changed the land escape of this country and the world forever. We have protected millions of people and all states lands by what we did when we corrected our status and has the right standing. So the Chinese can’t come in and claim anything. We declared peace and denied all executive orders used as an emergency that doesn’t exist.

7) The American Government is NOT Democracy
I’m going to say it again and gain, Your rights ends where other Man Rights begins. Think about the role of the assembly and the assembly chairman, the chairman is a spokes man or woman for the assembly and can’t be that role anymore if the chairman don’t list anymore to the people.

8) The U.S. Inc. Sold California to China for its Debt
The Chinese has to understand that who sold them California has no standing to sell any land belongs to The United States of America. The American Federation is not the Federal subcontractors. As American State Assembly officer you should have the obligation to hold the Public Law, support your American government, support the Union and the Federation. It’s my Job to warn you and my job to tell you if you are in danger. California being given a chance. We don’t function in terms of democracy, it’s a British Territorial governing way and not American republic way.

9) We are getting a New Land for our Computer Banking Hub
We are in the process of getting a land for our computer hub. We have to have a secure fiber optic facility to do our job. It’s huge place for our books, archives, and all computer requirements. We will let you know how to goes with the new hub. If 1000 people donate $24 we will be able to fund the new land for our new hub. Imagine if every American in America give just $1 the Assembly, we will be fully functional at all levels and People will be standing with their peace flag instead war flag.

10) The Parasites went to their New Host in China
The criminals were double dipping since 1937, we paid double for everything. Now the criminals are in China, and if they come to our shores using the Chinese army, their will be a Million man waiting for them fighting to death.

11) Updates on the Banking and Vendor Card – The People
I hope we have a sample of the vendor card to show people but we don’t have it, yet. Please be patient, we are doing our best to establish a protocol to deliver that to the people who signed in America first. And after that we will be facing by the hordes of American who are looking for relief and they don’t know anything about the prepaid cards and where the money is coming from.

12) Self Interest and Greedy hiding Technologies from People
In the 80’s, Japan had the best technologies and we were still decades back, just because some self interest greedy people don’t want to give up profiting using the old technologies. There are healing technologies that will blow your mind and we don’t have it because some bunch profit driven criminals keep it out of the market for their self interest.

13) A clear strong message to every BAR Attorney and Judge
We have great heritage and we may have to struggle a bit and we are going to get there. We are not the only one who suffered, almost everyone in the world suffered by the American Raj, the British Territorial thugs, the corporate thugs, who have ruled over us as pirates right under our noses, all under the color of law. The law has been destroyed by those criminals. The lawyers now know that it’s all fraud and now they have the chance to rip apart their BAR cards, if they don’t, lawyers will be complicit with the crimes and the fraud done by the thugs.

14) You will be a Crazy to allow anyone to Jab you
You will be a BAD shit crazy if you allow someone to jab you. The one thing we know for sure that those jabs are NOT vaccines, and your legal justification to refuse the jab is: sorry, am allergic to the vaccine. The corporations will come to an end and all their board members will be accountable and straighten up. Those criminal corporations are causing death and injuries to people around the world.

15) The military has to stop being afraid of what they’ve done
We have bright Future a head of us. No Gossip in our Assemblies. God despises gossiping and lying. Be honest and straight forward. If you have a problem with your brother, bring it forward. Going forward we have a bright future. The military has to stop being afraid of what they’ve done and how stupid they have been in the past. We are the only lawful government and people who can answer all the questions for the military has and can help the military at all levels, but they need to come home.

16) Do you wanna see a peace in the Middle East?
We are in a Diplomatic outreach regarding false Religious claims. We have encountered research which proves that there are engineered wars and false claims by all religions. Religions were used and abused, were exploited by con artist and fraud propaganda. Criminals used religions for centuries.

17) Support your American Government
Please invest in the only government that is out there working for you to protect you, your family, your community, and your assets, giving you all the tools and everything else which is so important for self-govern. It’s not only to govern your Country, your State, and your County, but to govern your life too. This is the American dream is to have all the rights, accept all responsibilities, and do it all Excellently!